SoundReaktor Have you ever wanted to spin in the hottest nightclubs on the strip, but just didn’t have the music chops to make it? You’re in luck. Spend enough time with Innovative Labs’ newest music game SoundReaktor and you might just have a chance. That might be an overstatement as I’m sure it takes a lot more than playing a game to get to the top, but at the least you’ll be spinning at your next house party.
SoundReaktor lets you learn and play beatpacks from top artists such as Armin van Buuren, Axwell, Netsky and Mord Fustang among up and coming talents within a variety of genres, including dance, progressive, house, and dubstep. It’s amazing how many top names are available to spin next to. The $1.99 price tag includes six free beatpacks and every week there are new options for download.
The goal of SoundReaktor is to tap sound pads in sync to keep the beat going. Go too early or too late and you not only bring the music to a scratching halt, you loose points as well. That’s right, it’s a game and the better in sync you are with the beat, the higher your score. A perfect tap gets you 100 points. I was averaging about 70 or 80 points per tap. Hit a few perfect taps in a row and you get multipliers and bonus taps.
Getting a perfect tap takes some practice as the pads seem to be very touchy when timing the tap. They fill up with blue light then go white and if you hit when it turns red you’re pretty much out of luck. I found timing to be more advantageous points wise when you go to tap at white.
The more difficult the song, the more pads you have to hit simultaneously, which is where the real fun comes in. As you progress through the levels you’ll find yourself using both hands and multiple fingers.
There are three different difficulty levels for beginner, pro and expert. The beginner mode is obviously a lot easier and helps you transition into learning the game. I will say, expert mode is quite difficult and if you can master it, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a professional DJ.
While there are modes for beginners and advanced players, you can also go freestyle, which allows you to create your very own remix masterpiece. Who knows, if you practice enough, you might be spinning at your next house party.
The only issue I had is that the file size is a bit large. At 313 MB, it takes a while to get into the action, but it’s well worth the wait as SoundReaktor is a complete blast. What are you waiting for? Turn the lights off and the strobe lights on … it’s time to party as this is a must have app.
SoundReaktor Video Demo on YouTube