Recently released by Amidio, the same developer who delivered the popular synth app Pro, Star Guitar is a full-function guitar app that lets you play, record, and export files of the music you create. Since I do not know how to play the guitar (not even one chord), it would be unfair for me to comment on how complete Star Guitar is or isn’t.
Despite the fact that Star Guitar claims no musical skills are required, I think anyone without them might be disappointed, or at least confounded, but only because they lack the knowledge to use it to its full potential, not through any fault of Star Guitar itself.
To an untrained eye, Star Guitar seems pretty complete. You can record, adjust rhythm pattern, it has both an automatic and manual strumming mode, includes 144 chords, and the ability to browse recordings and add additional strumming patterns. There are currently three guitar types included, and there is the promise of additions to come. The sound quality is pretty decent, especially when plugged into external speakers.
With the ability to record, provided you have the necessary equipment, I can see where singers and songwriters who lack guitar skills could find this a useful creative outlet. Even with my limited musical abilities, I was able to mesh a few chords with piano music and compose a very a short piece, but I’m fairly certain I only scratched the surface of what could be done if I really knew what I was doing. The display screen is easy to navigate and the included “help” section provides plenty of information on interfacing with each section.
Guitar Star is currently available in the App Store for $3.99. The Star Guitar app appears advanced and complete enough to satisfy a pretty varied range of musical abilities and has left me eagerly anticipating the release of their Star Piano app currently in development.
Check out Star Guitar in action:
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