If you like hiking or just long walks, you will enjoy StepTrack Lite, a free pedometer app for the iPhone by Cambridge, Mass based Aware Technologies. We would like to thank a senior engineer at Aware, Ari Benbasat, for pointing out this original and very useful app to AppCraver. As Ari pointed out to us via email:
“To put it mildly, production values are not where the effort was expended on this product. A huge amount of time went into making the step counting and classification rock solid with the graphical output a bit of an afterthought.”
Having used Step Track Lite myself on a 1 hour hike, I can attest to this rock-solid accuracy. Every single step that you make is accurately counted in real time with the app. Reset Step Track Lite, walk 5 steps to the right and 4 to the left, and you will see “9 steps” on the display. It even classifies the steps as “vigorous” or just normal. On my hike, about 30% of my activity was deemed “vigorous”.
I also quite like the simple and clean UI of the product. The only thing I would have liked is some way of translating the step count into miles or kilometers. This could be accomplished by having a “step size” field in the settings, or by tying into the GPS, or both. In any case, Step Track lite is excellent, and well worth downloading. In fact, it is currently the #1 app in the health and fitness category.
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