Syed M. Ali’s Stitch’em Words is a toe-tapping, entertaining word puzzler.
It’s part text twister and part rebus puzzle. The aim is to solve word puzzles using a combination of letters and pictographs (that’s what a rebus is, if you’re not familiar with the word).
To spell out “handbasket,” for example, you would combine the H, & (ampersand) and a picture of a basket. To form “basketball,” you would combine a picture of the same basket and a picture of a ball.
It doesn’t take long to get the hang of Stitch’em Words. The trick is to solve word puzzles of increasing length and complexity. At the higher levels, you’ll face the challenge of deciphering a greater number of jumbled words and pictures. Solve all the available word combinations in the least amount of time and you can level up.
Every now and then, you’ll come across a hidden word and score bonus points. You can also pick up bonus points for spelling words longer than eight letters.
Some of the pictures within Sticth’em Words were hard for me to figure out at first. A picture of the woman breaking the ribbon at the finish line of a race suggested “break” to me but it turned out to be “win.” You have the option to zoom in on a rebus to get a better look at it and that helps. Anyway, after I latched onto the developer’s thought process behind his images I solved puzzles faster.
Once you’ve successfully used the picture in a word puzzle, the object in the picture is spelled out. That makes it easier to subsequently form other words because you’re no longer trying to interpret what the picture means and can thus focus more on the text. I’m probably making it sound far more complicated than it really seems. Take a look at the screen capture and you’ll get it.
The graphics in Stitch’em Words are polished and the game plays well. It was responsive and I didn’t encounter any glitches.
The soundtrack is positively infectitious. I usually turn off the soundtracks for most games after playing them for a while because I find them monotonous. Stitch’em Words’ sountrack is catchy and so it will stay on.