Ever feel like you’re just caught up in an app wonderland full of fun and goodness. Me too. Stoned 3D, my latest deliciously decadent app discovery, is a take on like what I feel is a game Fred Flintstone would try to school Barney on. A game of chess of sorts where strategy is your only trump card.
What does this mean? Simple. You need to understand the game to play, progress and succeed. Too much to the right or left and you’re back at the beginning. The key to success is a soft hand and a swift mind. Do you have what it takes?
As you launch Stoned 3D, you’ll see several options including the ability to play right away, connect with OpenFeint or GameCenter as well as follow the game developer on Twitter and Facebook. You can also checkout their other apps such as Tiny Zoo which is free and a blast to play.
My suggestion is to hit the play button and unleash the furry in Stoned 3D. In what seems to be a very simple “this shape of block goes in this shape of hole” game turns out to be a highly challenging “this is fast and difficult” game. It\’s addictive and it’s fun. You’ll be frustrated on one hand and coming back for more on the other.
The game is laid out in a bi-level rock quarry where four cavemen chisel different rock shapes including a circle, square, triangle, plus, half moon and star and then push them over towards you. The point of Stoned 3D is to slide the matching hole and catch the falling boulders with the right shapes so you can keep the place nice and neat. At first, it’s easy. As you progress so does the speed at which they fall. To throw in a twist, there is a little dinosaur that pops up for you to tap for extra bonus points. Sometimes you’ll lose focus trying to tap him out and instead of extra points you’ll lose the game, so be careful.
The key to the entire shape-matching puzzle is to learn that the slider is actually a continuous slider, so no matter if you slide it right or left the holes are in the same exact pattern. This makes it easier to catch the stones when they’re falling faster as you can skip a few by simply continuing to slide left or right instead of stopping the slide and reversing.
Other than that, Stoned 3D is fairly simple in gameplay, but definitely a challenge as you progress. I recommend this game if you’re looking to push your gaming skills past an angry bird or two and want to learn a bit more about your geometrical shapes.