storm attackThe arcade/puzzle genre of match and break brick games is inundated with titles ranging from classic games like Tetris and Break Out to newer games with modern twists. If this genre appeals to you, check out Storm Attack, one of the more recent games available from developer Rhock & Rholl Studios, LLC. Not only is Storm Attack well designed, it has a few innovative features that breathe new life into the block-breaking game model.
Storm Attack gives players a simple goal – score as many points as possible before the blocks stack up to the top of the screen. Points are scored by connecting blocks of the same color and tapping to eliminate groups of ten or higher. The more blocks connected in a group, the more points you score. If you eliminate groups of fewer than six blocks, you lose ammo and if your ammo gets too low, you can’t destroy any blocks. You can drag blocks to anywhere on the screen to maximize point opportunities, but don’t let any one column stack up too high or it could be game over.
This premise alone would make Storm Attack another mundane match and destroy block game, but the addition of features like a storm that rains down blocks at lightening speed every minute, plus the ability to accomplish and track achievement awards, shake to create mini-storms and compare high scores with friends through AGON integration make Storm Attack anything but mundane. Easy to follow onscreen instructions guide new players through the first few levels and it couldn’t be simpler.
Storm Attack is responsive to touch screen control and is vibrant in color and appearance. The information panel across the top of the screen lets players know their score and counts down the time to the next storm of blocks. Through the setting options players can use the music from their library and adjust the sound levels of the background music and sound effects. You can also access your achievement awards and high scores from the main menu.
Seeing as how the iTunes Store has no shortage of these types of games available for iPhone, it’s nice to see new developers throwing users a bone by making trial versions available for free before you buy. Try Storm Attack Lite to get a taste of the game play and user interface. Storm Attack is well done and provides a solid replay value, with the full version you get a fun and slightly different block game that combines arcade and puzzle action, requires a bit of strategy, and is addictive gameplay.
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