As we grew up playing Super Mario Bros. games, they were a significant part of our life, especially for gamers worldwide. Recently the creators of the new Super Mario Bros. announced that they would be showing us a very special and unique presentation geared toward the new Super Mario Bros. Movie, where we’ll see the debut trailer for the upcoming movie.

Super Mario Bros. creators Nintendo and Illumination have released the first glimpse of the movie in the form of a unique poster. The poster image was released on Tuesday, before its trailer’s premiere, which will be taking place this Thursday at New York Comic-Con.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Release Date

Chris Pratt, a well-known Marvel star, recently took to Twitter to share the release date for his next film Super Mario Bros. Chris revealed the poster for his upcoming film, which depicts the back of the iconic Nintendo mascot, as well as the film’s release date of 7th April 2023. He will be the actor behind our favorite Mario’s voice and co-star with Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach.

A few other cast members will include Charlie Day will play Luigi; Keegan Michael-Key will play Toad. Seth Rogen will play Donkey Kong, and Sebastian Maniscalco will play Spike.

Super Mario Movie First Look And Trailer

Nintendo revealed a fascinating poster for the forthcoming film Super Mario Bros., and as the image below shows, there’s a lot packed into this artwork. We can see all of the movie’s characters, the Mushroom Kingdom, flying fish, and a plethora of hurdles for Mario to overcome in order to reach Princess Peach in the tower above. (We can only hope that the princess will be inside the castle this time.)

Super Mario Movie Poster
Source: Nintendo

Many people were skeptical when we initially heard Chris Pratt would play Mario, but the actor assures us his accent will be “unlike anything you’ve heard in Mario World before.”

Shigeru Miyamoto co-produced the film, which was written by Matthew Foge and directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic. It was initially scheduled to be released in theatres on 21st December before being postponed.

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The Super Mario Movie Trailer will be aired at exactly 1:35 am on 7th October. You can watch the trailer on youtube, and we have attached the video link so you can easily watch it here.

Fan-Made Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Starring Chris Pratt!

Recently, a fan was inspired by the Super Mario Bros. movie casting and created a rather realistic-looking teaser featuring Chriss Pratt as Mario in his Mushroom Kingdom. The fan-made trailer was published by a YouTuber called Re-Imagined Games, who used the Unreal Engine to recreate the original Super Mario Bros.

To add credibility to the video, he narrated it with an AI speech bot that resembled the Honest Trailer voice-over person, John Bailey. After watching the trailer, we’ll all be wondering how he managed to produce the Super Mario trailer with Pratt.

On his YouTube channel, the creator of the trailer provides a behind-the-scenes look at how it came to be. This man has some major skills, and Nintendo should certainly hire him.

In terms of gameplay, the publisher Re-Imagined Games did a fantastic job of improving all of the elements that go into making a Super Mario Bros. game with the help of Unreal Engine.

You can see in the trailer big turtle goombas, hovering mystery packages, and the traditional pipe passageways. The only thing you will miss is Jack Black’s Bowser.

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