Super Word Find is exactly what it purports to be — a word finding puzzle which remains true to the classic Word Search puzzles. Moreover, it’s “supercharged” in a kind of way that only a Word Search can be.
The interface is smooth, aesthetically pleasing, and clearly developed specifically for the iPhone. It is fairly uncomplicated and once you familiarize yourself with its navigation (which will take you no more that 30 seconds), you won’t get bogged down in having to traverse numerous menus before you can start playing the game.
That being said, I was aware that getting acclimated within the first thirty seconds was somewhat counter-intuitive and that the emphasis that the Home Screen puts on its various option could be enhanced. The most notable one is the small-ish relative size of the option to “Continue Last Puzzle”. You can see what I mean by looking at the screenshot above.
Supercharging a Word Search puzzle is actually quite simple. The standard (small) size of a puzzle in Super Word Find requires you to find anywhere between ten and twenty five words from a puzzle which measures thirteen letters across by fifteen letters down. The Medium size juxtaposes four screens together, and usually requires fifty words to be found. The Large puzzle is nine screens seeking an average of one hundred words and the Super size is sixteen screens — requiring two hundred words to be found.
Super Word Find is fun and will appeal to anyone who has ever enjoyed playing a word search puzzle. In addition, it will definitely satisfy enthusiasts who can’t seem to get enough.
In order to accommodate so many letters on one screen the developers have enabled us to zoom in and out of the puzzle to see certain sections more clearly. They have utilized the standard “pinch” gesture we have all come to know and love for this platform.
A minor complaint is that when zoomed in the resolution could be a fair amount better. A slightly bigger complaint is that I have found it is often difficult to select the correct letter with accuracy — even when zoomed in completely.
Both of these can be addressed with minor tweaks and if implemented, would force me to give a near perfect rating. However, neither of these would prompt me to not recommend this game as of the date of this writing.
Once playing Super Word Find, you can see a list of words that you need to find by accessing an in-game menu and from there you can select an option to have the game tell you which words you have already found and which ones you have not. This feature of the game has been executed perfectly.
If you start working on a puzzle, you can leave it, go work on another puzzle, and come back to the first puzzle and your progress will be saved. I like this feature as it adds a lot of replay value and mitigates any frustration that could otherwise typically build with a game like this. You can also choose to reset the puzzle if you want to.
If you want to find out if you will like this game, check out Super Word Find Lite which offers identical gameplay but simply has far fewer puzzles. If it’s your cup of tea, the full version is a very good game that I’m sure will only get better as updates are released.