Punish or Play – Kick the Buddy Update Has Plenty of Options
We all need to let off a little steam now and then. That doesn’t mean that cruelty is the way to do it! Then again, sometimes it is. Either way, Kick the Buddy has lots of mini games so, chances are, you’ll be able to find the stress reliever you’re looking for. Over the weekend, […]
RC Plane 2 is Ultimate iOS Flight Simulator
With its robust mini games, realistic controls and fantastic music, RC Plane 2 for iPhone and iPad is one flight simulator that I’ve really enjoyed lately.
Family-Friendly Road Trip Games: Apps to Keep Kids Happy in the Car
As summer rolls into high gear, more and more of us are going to be hitting the road for summer trips with our families. One of the challenges with these long road trips is keeping the kids occupied and happy. There are the old standby car activities and games, of course, but if […]
The Oregon Trail + iPhone = Win!!!
The Oregon Trail – One of the fondest memories I have from my days in elementary school was playing a simple little game that was all about taking some settlers and their wagon on a 2000-mile voyage from one end of the country to the other. If that rings a bell to you, get excited […]
Monsters vs. Aliens App: Free vs. Paid Version
If you have kids, then you are probably more than aware of the latest Dreamworks Animation movie, Monsters vs. Aliens, about to hit theaters. The movie is an animated comedy, featuring the voices of Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Laurie, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, about a girl who turns into a giant and teams up with […]
Cooking Mama Comes to iPhone
First available for and made popular by the Nintendo DS, Cooking Mama is now available for the iPhone/iPod touch. For those who are unfamiliar with Cooking Mama published by TAITO Corporation, it is an animated cooking simulation game played out through a series of mini games where recipes are followed to create various dishes like […]