Thanks to the Talk Stream Live app by talk Stream Live, LLC, my son’s spring season soccer practices will be a blast!
First off I must admit, as a listener and also a broadcaster, that I love Internet radio. What I don’t like is having to be tied to the computer all the time to listen live to my favorite shows. I have spent many an hour sitting at the park while my son is at soccer practice wishing that I could listen to one of my favorites while watching the practice. Instead, I’d listen to music or some older show I’d already downloaded onto my iPhone. That was until I discovered Talk Stream Live.
Talk Stream Live is designed to allow you to listen to Internet radio talk shows live on your iPhone, iTouch and iPad. When you activate the Talk Stream Live app you immediately see a list of Internet radio shows currently streaming live—and also some replays.
You’ll notice, as you look at the list, that each of the shows has a green bar next to it—organized neatly from longest to shortest. Users of the Talk Stream Live app continuously rank the shows and the most popular shows rise to the top of the list.
If you’re looking for a specific show and don’t see it on the list when you first open the app, then it means that show is not currently streaming live. You can always visit the website to see when each Internet radio show is scheduled to stream live. On you can find your favorite and be directed to that show’s Talk Stream Live home page where you will find information on when it will be streaming with a graphic that will state something along the lines of “Next Show Begins in about 1 day, 4 hours.”
I found the sound quality of this Internet radio player to be superb and at times it sounded better than a couple of the shows I play via my computer. I truly enjoyed the ability to have it play in the background as I checked in via Yelp, read email, and Facebook. But one of the other things I really enjoyed was the ability to listen to my favorite Internet show through this app as I drove. Fortunately my car allows me to plug in my iPhone, iPod, etc. and have it play through the car stereo speakers. So while using Talk Stream Live I am completely free to step away from the computer and go about my day.
The Talk Stream Live app is very easy to use and maneuver. All you have to do is install it and start listening to your favorites. Finally allowing me to take my show on the road. Soccer practice has never sounded so good!