From its inception, Tapulous and their Tap Tap family of games have become App Store legends. Like fellow juggernauts Tap Tap Revenge and Tap Tap NIN before it, the new Tap Tap Revenge 2 involves the seemingly simple task of shaking the iPhone or iPod touch and tapping bases at the bottom of the screen as orbs guide your choices, in time to music.
The updates are pretty incredible though. Tap Tap Revenge 2’s aesthetics are exceptional: pools of light that ripple around each contact point, light beams from the source of the orbs, in the midst of an unknown universe of stars. The visuals grow in intensity as the song progresses. As users it’s easy to be more engrossed in playing and becomes encapsulated in the dramatic effects.
Every Thursday new tracks are added to the already impressive 150 song free catalog. The catalog hosts a fantastic spectrum of genres and including major bands like Death Cab for Cutie, The Crystal Method, Daft Punk, Weezer and Nine Inch Nails. “Tap Tap DomiNation” by Stroke 9 is a song that is hilariously about playing Tap Tap Revenge 2. Daft Punk’s “Technologic” is a super cool and an infuriating song to play along with.
Tap Tap Revenge 2 users can play online with an option to play against others in your region or play at opposite ends of the iPod touch, split screen, which is a neat option that I wish more games utilized. Challenge a Friend is the most mind-blowing option I’ve encountered, taking the way the user played in their last game and “packaging it up,” as the description reads, in an email. So that when the recipient of the email clicks the link you’ve sent, they can play out the same game against you. As if you were playing together.