First announced back in September, the special edition of Tap Tap Revenge featuring music “hand picked by Trent Reznor himself” is now available in the App Store. The NIN-branded app offers players 16 tracks from the last two Nine Inch Nails albums, The Slip and Ghosts I-IV.
Touch gamers have gone crazy for Tap Tap Revenge, which is similar to Guitar Hero and has users rockin’ out by tapping out the beat in single or double-player mode. This new special edition is sure to be a hit with fans and could attract new players to try the Tap Tap trend.
More and more brands — from movies to musicians to designers — are reaching out to consumers with custom branded iPhone apps. Most of the apps are thinly disguised commercials with little benefit for the average user. Kudos to NIN and the guys at Tapulous for exploring a better way to reach out and creating something that is fun for everyone.
The special edition app sells for $4.99. For those that don’t care to pay the premium, the original Tap Tap Revenge remains free.