iPhone games aren’t always puzzles, shrouded in mystery or suspense. Sometimes they’re unbelievably simple games like TargetTap. TargetTap is a game where the aim is to quickly hit the red targets. The more of them you hit the more points you earn.
TargetTap is easy to play. Start it up and you’re greeted with fun, simple and colorful graphics. There is an incandescent blue sky with white clouds that move as you tap the red targets. Earn points by keeping up with the pace of the game and knocking out the red targets. TargetTap tracks your lives by displaying small red bull’s eyes in the top left corner of the screen. It displays your points in the top right.
The trick of course is to be careful of the other colored targets because hitting one can be fatal. Not to worry, TargetTap offers one up clouds to help you score an extra life. Yellow and white clouds are one ups and indicate an extra life.
TargetTap is only challenging because as the game progresses the targets appear with increasing frequency and you need to tap faster and faster to get the targets off the screen. Otherwise, it quickly becomes banal and uninteresting.
TargetTap is perfect if you want to play a quick game or need a simple distraction. It’s even better if you’d like to keep a little one entertained. Reasonably priced at just 99 cents TargetTap will keep your reflexes in check and your hand eye coordination in order.
Regular players have the opportunity to leave their mark on TargetTap history by listing their names and high scores.