Tasty Bones NFT is a collection of 5,000 hardworking NFTs that deliver food from, and to, the land of living, to the dead, respectively. This storyline serves as a metaphor for the entire roadmap of the Project and justifies the value it heralds. The Tasty Bones NFT have specialized in traits, and categorization, with a collection of Hungry Ghosts and Demons in the mix. These elements boost the overall length of the Tasty Bones NFT Rarity. Bringing to you a cotton candy essence to skeletons –never seen before– this NFT Project is killing it in the NFT marketplace.

This article showcases the depth of Tasty Bones NFT rarity, the complete timeline, the fervent execution, the sales, and everything about the Tasty Bones NFT. Read along to experience the flavour to savour the horror.

A Brief Overview Of The Tasty Bones Experience

Tasty Bones NFT items 5,000
Owners 3,200
Tasty Bones NFT Floor price 1.6 ETH
Volume Traded 3,400 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 22nd February 2022)

Tales From The Delivery From Living To Dead: The Tasty Bones Ideation

Every morsel of folklore presented by the Tasty Bones NFT community shall tie up in the overall NFT holding experience. The storyline, although whimsical, wavers the market in real life. A total of 5,000 Tasty Bones NFT are interspersed with more than 240 different items and traits that make it unique. Here are the traits enlisted:

  • 71 basic bodies
  • 53 happy pieces of headwear
  • 40 flavorful food offerings
  • 35 enamouring eyewear pieces
  • 26 horrid heads
  • 20 barren backgrounds
  • 12 natural noses

Tasty Bones NFT Floor Price

Image credits: tastybones.xyz

These combined contribute to the cataclysmic rarity of the Tasty Bones NFT. In spite of this exemplary use of lists, the Tasty Bones NFT community has also provided with specific rarity tiers, on the Tasty Bones NFT Twitter, and their official website, those being:

  1. Funny Bones (common)
  2. Meaty Bones (uncommon)
  3. Speedy Bones (rare)
  4. Hungry Ghosts (epic)
  5. Demons (legendary)

These make sure that they play a vital role in the all-around development of lore, and the community.

The Major Timeline For The Tasty Bones NFT. 

The whitelisting for the Tasty Bones NFT was conducted on the Tasty Bones NFT discord server, in early February. This ensured that Tasty Bones NFT drop for the members took place during the Pre-sale, which was held on 13th February 2022, and then, raffle winners were allowed to Mint in the public sale on 14th February. For the Pre-sale, 2 Mints were allowed per address, and for the public one, 1 Mint was allowed.

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The Tasty Bones NFT Roadmap: One Of The Most Fascinating Ones So Far!


The Tasty Bones roadmap is one of the most extensive and fascinating roadmaps, ever to be seen in NFT history. The reason is the story, the goals, and their intersection that is palpably seen with the Tasty Bones NFT drop. The Tasty Bones OpenSea page mentions that a holder can interact with their NFT to implode more value within their NFT, and with great rarity, comes great risk, and responsibility.

Tasty Bones roadmap explained, via real-life perks, and their story:

The very first drop in the ocean of a roadmap, the interactive experience starts 69 hours after the Tasty Bones launch, which took place on February 13th. The first level (Funny Bones) to be Minted then, these are the goals that have been accomplished at the time of writing this article, ie February 15th. Post this, is a beautiful endeavour for the NFT future.

Tasty Bones NFT Holders shall be able to train their NFT for a couple of weeks to upgrade them to Speedy Bones (uncommonly rare). Then according to their lore, the Bones shall accept the food offering, in the form of NFTs, and take it through the gates of separation between the land of the living and dead. In the midst of that, they are faced with evil spirits (even rarer NFTs, epic). The food offering shall then be given to the souls.

$TBONE Token Official Launch Details

The official launch of the very quirky token, $TBONE is scheduled. These are harnessed through multiple interactions at the $TBONE armoury, where the Tasty Bones NFTs prepare to make more deliveries. Then, with more value, and even more $TBONE tokens, the holders shall meet in person for various events, and get a chance to participate in exclusive giveaways.

Lastly, with a bang, the Tasty Bones NFT make their way into the beautiful 3D world of the Metaverse, thus increasing the value even more. Then, with that, the community solidifies into a DAO, and $TBONE acts as a governance token, and voting shall take place for the future.

The tentative dates for these delicacies have not been announced yet and shall be done on the Tasty Bones NFT discord server.

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The Tasty Bones Sales, Statistics, And Everything In Between


How You Can Buy The NFT

Image credits: tastybones.xyz

The Current Price vs Tasty Bones Mint Price

As of February 15, the Tasty Bones NFT Floor Price stands at 1.6 ETH. And on the date of the launch, on February 14th, the Mint Price was set at 0.069 ETH. A very steep rise.

The Total Tasty Bones Sales Volume Traded

As of February 15th, only a day after the launch, the total volume stands at a staggering 3,400 ETH. With 2,000 out of the 5,000 Tasty Bones NFTs being sold on day 1. The price is going up, from the launch, and the sales are falling, thus maintaining a healthy balance.

The Tasty Bones Price Predictive Analysis

With only a day of difference from the launch, the Tasty Bones Mint Price has jumped 200% and beyond. Hence, the Tasty Bones NFT price prediction states that it is going to take a quick rise. Since the project launched on valentine’s day, it targeted a very lovable and amiable audience, and the effects of that shall be seen slowly throughout February.

How You Can Buy The Tasty Bones NFT

Wondering How to buy Tasty Bones NFT? It’s pretty simple. Their official website links to the Tasty Bones OpenSea page. Here you can buy the NFT by placing a bid.

Visit the official Tasty Bones Opensea page here: https://opensea.io/collection/tastybonesxyz

In Conclusion…

The Tasty Bones project builds value by adding the elements of interaction between the NFT and the holder. This is one of the first projects to bridge the gap. And if the holders follow the roadmap in a disciplined fashion, the value is bound to go up. With floral pretty skeletons, it takes a jovial look at scary themes!

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