Soap2Day was a popular free movie streaming website that offered users access to thousands of movies and TV shows illegally. However, it was unexpectedly shut down in June 2023, likely due to legal issues and pressure from anti-piracy groups.

If you are looking for the best Soap2day alternatives, then we have got you covered. Although these alternatives come with certain risks and legal implications that should be properly understood before use. Most free streaming sites operate in legal grey areas, and users can face penalties for accessing copyrighted content without permission.

Top 7 Soap2Day Alternatives (Paid)

While there are many paid streaming platforms available in 2024, we have curated a list of 7 best Soap2day alternatives that are paid which you can readily use:

1. Amazon Prime

amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video offers an extensive on-demand library with over 25,000 movies and TV shows to choose from. Exclusive Amazon Originals are available in up to 4K Ultra HD along with HDR support. You can also download titles for offline viewing. However, the interface could be better, and content organization needs improvement. Prime Video supports up to 3 simultaneous streams and allows the creation of multiple user profiles. 

But subscription sharing outside one household is restricted. While its original content library is growing, licensed third-party content is being removed. Overall, Amazon Prime Video provides a solid streaming experience to complement the other Prime membership perks.

What We Liked

  • Large content library with 4K titles
  • Allows offline downloads
  • Supports 3 concurrent streams
  • Multiple user profiles available
  • Solid original programming

What We Didnt

  • Confusing content organization
  • Restricts subscription sharing
  • Losing some licensed content
  • Interface needs improvement
  • Original content still building out

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2. HBO Max

hbo max

HBO Max offers acclaimed HBO original programming along with a vast collection of popular movies, new Max Originals, DC films, adult animation, and classics. You can create multiple profiles and stream on three devices concurrently in up to 4K quality, depending on your plan. 

However, the recommendation algorithm needs tuning. While some call HBO Max the best streamer for quality over quantity, its movie catalogue depth falls behind competitors.

What We Liked

  • Top-tier original content
  • Quality over quantity focus
  • 4K streaming support
  • Profile support and parental controls

What We Didnt

  • Confusing tiered plans
  • Subpar recommendation engine
  • Movie catalog less extensive than rivals
  • Original Max content is hit-or-miss

3. Hulu TV


Hulu + Live TV seamlessly blends live TV with a massive on-demand catalogue. Though the base plan now includes Disney+ and ESPN+, ad-free viewing requires a higher tier. Support for two simultaneous streams limits larger families without upgrading. The customizable channel guide and user profiles allow personalization. 

However, DVR storage is limited, and extra space carries an added cost. Impressive app support across devices, but the living room experience needs polish.

What We Liked

  • Integrates live TV and streaming
  • Now bundles Disney+ and ESPN+
  • Customizable interface
  • Extensive channel and device support

What We Didnt

  • The base plan has ads
  • Allows only 2 concurrent streams
  • DVR storage is restricted
  • Live TV performance can be glitchy
  • Add-ons increase the monthly cost

4. Apple TV+

apple tv

Apple TV+ focuses solely on original content featuring impressive production values, though its library remains limited compared to rivals. Visual quality is superb, given 4K HDR and Dolby support across Apple devices. Offline downloads allow watching on the go. Up to six family members can share one low-priced subscription. However, the web experience and living room integration need improvement.

What We Liked

  • Slick original content
  • Downloads for offline viewing
  • Family sharing of one subscription
  • Seamless Apple device integration

What We Didnt

  • Sparse content library
  • Lacks licensed shows and movies
  • Restricts simultaneous streams

5. Mubi


Offering an art house-focused library, Mubi spotlights festival favourites, cult classics, retrospectives and international gems rarely found elsewhere. Its themed curated content refreshes monthly rather than aiming for endless growth. You can stream or download it to mobile for offline viewing. However, its niche catalogue won’t satisfy mainstream tastes. Being ad-free, the interface is minimal, but the desktop experience outpaces mobile and TV apps.

What We Liked

  • Curated arthouse and indie selection
  • Themed channels
  • Downloads available
  • Ad-free viewing

What We Didnt

  • Niche content scope
  • Mobile apps need improvement
  • Sparse mainstream movies and shows
  • No user profiles

6. Paramount+


Paramount+ offers acclaimed originals and top ViacomCBS properties from CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, etc., along with live sports and news. A Premium plan unlocks your local live CBS station. Up to 6 user profiles allow personalization and tailored recommendations. However, its broader catalogue depth doesn’t match dedicated movie streamers. Also, 4K HDR and surround sound support remains inconsistent across devices.

What We Liked

  • Originals plus diverse ViacomCBS content
  • News and live sports
  • Personalized profiles
  • Broad device availability

What We Didnt

  • 4K/HDR support still rolling out
  • Lacks depth for movies
  • Confusing naming of tiers
  • Occasional stability issues

7. Discovery+


Discovery+ serves up the most extensive collection of reality TV spanning home, food, relationships and adventure alongside documentary films and series. From HGTV and Food Network to TLC, ID and more, it offers ad-free viewing if you choose the higher tier. Multiple streaming profiles allow personalization. But scripted movies and shows are absent. Also, availability beyond India and UK is limited compared to other streaming platforms.

What We Liked

  • Unparalleled reality TV offering
  • Ad-free premium tier
  • Personal streaming profiles
  • Robust mobile experience

What We Didnt

  • Focused content scope
  • Limited original programming
  • Few high-budget productions
  • Global rollout still underway

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Best Free and Legal Soap2day Alternatives

If you are looking to stream content legally but don’t want to pay for subscriptions, there are some free Soap2day alternatives that offer a wide range of movies and shows.


Crunchyroll is the go-to destination for anime fans, with the largest streaming library featuring popular series subbed and dubbed alongside critically acclaimed simulcast episodes straight from Japan. Its curated anime collection tops over 1,000 titles with genres like action, comedy, and drama. Upgrade to its premium tier for ad-free HD streams and offline viewing. However, its manga and news offerings provide less value besides the core anime content.



  • Largest anime library
  • Community features
  • Free access to some content

Pluto TV

As an ad-supported free streaming platform, Pluto TV sets itself apart by blending live linear channels with thousands of movies and shows on-demand. Owned by Paramount, it curates content from major studios, networks, and publishers across different categories to suit any taste—from news to reality TV, cartoons, classics, and more. Enjoy clicking around its straightforward interface just like regular cable TV, rather than hunting for something specific to watch.

pluto tv


  • Free live TV streaming
  • Huge on-demand library
  • Available on many devices


Offering a curated collection focused on independent movies, classic cinema, quality documentaries, and world films hardly found on mainstream services, Kanopy partners with public libraries and universities to provide students and cardholders streaming access for free. Create a watchlist and stream over 30,000 film festival favourites ad-free. However, finding rare gems requires patience as its design prioritizes browsing user collections over customized recommendations.



  • Legal free streaming
  • Huge content library
  • Available in the US only


Offering a curated collection focused on independent movies, classic cinema, quality documentaries, and world films hardly found on mainstream services, Kanopy partners with public libraries and universities to provide students and cardholders streaming access for free. Create a watchlist and stream over 30,000 film festival favourites ad-free. However, finding rare gems requires patience as its design prioritizes browsing user collections over customized recommendations.



  • Indie/documentary focused
  • Legal and free access
  • Educational partnership model

So these are some prominent free and legal alternatives to consider in place of Soap2Day for accessing streaming content without paying any subscription fees. However, the content variety and availability is more limited compared to paid services.

Comparison of Paid vs. Free Alternatives

When deciding how to stream movies and TV shows after Soap2Day’s shutdown, comparing paid subscription platforms against free ad-supported sites can help identify the right option based on your priorities.

Paid streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV+ and Paramount+ offer significant advantages:

  • Legal access to stream the latest movies and shows without piracy risks
  • Smoother viewing experience without disruptive ads
  • Higher quality video is available in 4K and HDR, along with 5.1 surround sound
  • Enhanced customization with multiple user profiles and personalized recommendations
  • Convenience features like mobile downloads for offline viewing and unlimited DVR storage

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However, the need to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee remains their biggest drawback. Prices typically range from $5 to $15 per month. Meanwhile, utilizing free sites like Tubi, Pluto TV, and Peacock comes with some caveats:

  • Video quality is usually restricted to 720p for streaming or downloading movies
  • You’ll encounter lots of ads which interrupts viewing sessions
  • Fewer possibilities to personalize the service or remove recommendations
  • Content libraries skew older as latest releases get premium placement
  • Risks around data privacy and malware exposures

On the plus side, free streaming sites don’t cost any money to access their gigantic content catalogues. But serious cinephiles will likely find the trade-offs around quality and experience diminishing compared to paid services. Occasional viewers on a tight budget stand to benefit more from the free tier with ads.

Ultimately, evaluating factors like video quality needs, willingness to pay, extent of usage, risk tolerance and content priorities will guide one towards the best streaming choice. For most, a paid service strikes the right balance across metrics and offers good value supported by their subscription fees.


When looking for streaming platforms in 2024 after the Soap2Day shutdown, both paid and free alternatives exist with their unique pros and cons. Paid services from Apple, Amazon and HBO provide premium legal content, while free sites can pose malware dangers despite being free.

Therefore, it is crucial to make an informed decision based on personal preferences, safety needs and willingness to pay. For the best and safest overall experience, mainstream paid platforms like Hulu and Paramount+ are reliable Soap2Day replacement options to stream content in 2024 and beyond.

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