GameStop is counted as a large-scale merchandise retailer of video games across the globe. It evolved from a firm founded in 1984 in Dallas, Texas. It focuses on selling games and entertainment products in various e-commerce stores. It has now grown to become a Worldwide Brand, and with the advent of technology, various digital payment methods continue to expand, and if you are like one of us who likes to keep their pockets empty, then ApplePay is probably one of the best digital payment methods to use. It’s much easier, safer and more secure than when you use your credit cards or cash.

It is one of the uncomplicated and comfortable modes of payment which enables you to keep proper track of all your expenses and make contactless payments through gadgets. ApplePay is as safe as it can be. Each transaction you complete using ApplePay is verified first, so you don’t need to worry about another person using your device to spend your cash.

Quick Answer

Yes, GameStop takes ApplePay at all its outlets as it is a hassle-free payment method. ApplePay also works excellently with the GameStop app to deliver items to your door.

Does GameStop Take Apple Pay?

GameStop takes Apple Pay at all of its stores. Every GameStop location provides digital readers to accept ApplePay and other modes of contact-free payments. ApplePay can help you rapidly and effortlessly keep all your most liked titles or other supplies in stock. You can even use an ApplePay and the GameStop app if you install the iOS version of the store’s app.

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You need to set up an ApplePay account to use it if you don’t already have one. It not only helps you rush through the shopping process but also helps you speed through the checkout line while securing your transaction is completely sheltered.

How To Use Apple Pay With GameStop

How To Use Apple Pay With GameStop

When using ApplePay at GameStop, you will need to remember a few things, and you will be good to go, such as:

  • Have an ApplePay ID and your credit/debit card linked to your account ready to go.
  • Go to the required gamestop assistant and tell them you will be paying using apple pay. After which, you will need to scan their POS machine using your apple pay.
  • Tap the ApplyPay button and confirm the payment with your fingerprint or face ID.
  • You can use any preferred card of your choice here to make the payment, and always check the amount displayed on their machine to avoid misunderstanding.
  • After you scan, there will be a tick mark on your screen, meaning the payment has been made successfully.

Benefits Of Using ApplePay At GameStop

There are many benefits of using ApplePay with GameStop. So let’s look at some of them.

  • Apple Pay is advantageous to GameStop as it helps it work over a lengthy period effectively and, in turn, proves good to its customers too.
  • It offers a convenient way to pay for items in GameStop stores and online, which supports GameStop to grow and expand its business.
  • Customers using apple pay at Gamespot get all the credit and debit card benefits too.
  • It also provides GameStop customers various options to simplify and enjoy their shopping experience, especially making the purchase experience fast and simple.

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Alternative Method of Payments Accepted By GameStop

Alternative Method of Payments That Are Accepted By GameStop

As we all know, ever since digital payment methods have come into existence, people have loved using them as they make everything simple. Still, if you want to know what other alternate payment method Gamespot takes, then you have a look below.

  • Major Debit cards and cash
  • All major credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.
  • GameStop gift cards
  • Chinese payment method- UnionPay
  • Japanese payment method- JCB
  • Samsung and google pay are also supported.


Hence, it is concluded that GameStop takes ApplePay as a payment mode, making it super easy and suitable for customers to make purchases using their iPhone or Apple watch. Whether picking up your new games or finding comfort, ApplePay is a smooth way to pay at GameStop. It is now up to us to keep digital payments and make the most of its profit. We hope this article helped in answering all your questions and doubts.


1) Is ApplePay free?

Yes, ApplePay is free. Just be aware that messages and data values may apply.

2) Does GameStop take Apple Pay online?

You can use ApplePay with the GameStop app to purchase your stuff online. It will help you collect it from the store or deliver items.

3) Does GameStop take ApplePay and GooglePay at all of its locations?

Yes, GameStop supports ApplePay and GooglePay at all locations.

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