Chime and Klarna are both popular financial services, with Klarna focusing on the buy now, pay later space while Chime offers innovative banking solutions. Many users are concerned about compatibility as these services grow. With Klarna, you can pay your purchase in four interest-free instalments every two weeks (Pay in 4) or in one instalment within 30 days (Pay in 30 Days).

You can also set up automatic payments on the due date with your debit card, credit card, or bank account. Among the major cards accepted by Klarna are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Here, we will explore whether Klarna accepts Chime cards and possible workarounds.

klarna accept chime

Does Klarna Accept Chime?

Klarna does not currently accept Chime debit cards. In November 2021, Klarna noted that denied payments from Chime cards led them to stop acceptance, causing fees and collections issues.

However, some users have still managed to add Chime debit cards successfully. When trying, you may get a message that the card is not supported yet. Klarna states they are working to increase coverage.

Chime Credit Builder Cards

chime credit builder

The Chime Credit Builder card is a secured card that allows users to build credit. Many users have successfully added this card to Klarna even when debit cards don’t work.

Since funds must be deposited to secure the credit limit, there may be a lower risk of non-payment. However, acceptance is still not guaranteed.

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Workarounds and Alternatives

For Chime users unable to successfully link their cards with Klarna, there are some clever workarounds and alternative payment options to consider:

One helpful workaround for financially responsible Chime users is to use a separate traditional credit card, such as Visa or Mastercard, solely for the first Klarna payment. Once the first payment has been successfully processed on the other card, you can switch the payment method to your Chime debit or credit card for the remaining instalment payments. Just remember to change the card after the first charge!

Another option to explore is going through Klarna’s extensive retail partner network to find stores that accept Visa cards, which aligns with the card network used for Chime debit cards. While Klarna’s acceptance of Chime cards is never a sure bet, trying card payments through their authenticated retail partners provides your best chance of success against a broader denial of Chime by Klarna. Even if Klarna declines your card, the individual merchant may still approve it through normal Visa processing – so it’s an avenue worth testing.

If you find Klarna consistently declines Chime cards with no success through workarounds, it may be time to consider shifting payments to a more Chime-friendly buy now, pay later service alternative accepted by most merchants. Services like Afterpay, Affirm, QuadPay (Zip), and Sezzle generally accept Chime debit/credit with few issues reported. Just double-check their latest policies before assuming full compatibility.

You need to make important purchases immediately using a merchant that only offers Klarna instalment plans. Consider paying for the order through a separate supported payment card or method like PayPal. You can then follow up with the merchant afterwards to refund the original purchase and re-run the charge through Klarna using your Chime card, essentially tricking the Klarna system after the sale is complete. This approach could initially tie up your available funds for a few days.

The key with all these workarounds is recognising where Klarna falls short in accepting Chime cards directly but finding creative ways to ultimately route your payments through your preferred Chime account to get transactions completed successfully using instalment financing.

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Tips for Using Chime with Klarna

Tips for using chime with klarna

While Klarna’s stance on accepting Chime cards seems inconsistent, there are some tips users can follow to increase their chances of successfully linking a Chime account:

1. Try Multiple Times

Persistence is key – just because Klarna declines your Chime card once does not mean you should give up. Server errors and temporary policy changes happen, so try adding your card periodically, even if denied in the past. Approval rates can change over time.

2. Add Both Debit and Credit Cards

Provide Klarna with details for your Chime debit card and Chime Credit Builder card – approval may be granted for one but not the other. Maximising your payment method attempts boosts the odds of getting at least one card linked.

3. Make Initial Purchases Small

When using a newly added Chime card with Klarna, keep the initial purchase amount small, potentially even under $10. This helps ensure that potential payment issues trigger smaller transactions, minimising headaches.

4. Check Pending Charges

If your Chime card was accepted but an order fails, check for a pending authorisation charge from Klarna, which indicates an attempted payment. Taking this proof to Klarna support can help troubleshoot errors.

5. Use Live Chat Support

Interact with Klarna’s live chat support for assistance if payments fail. Provide purchase details and pending transaction records, and inquire if they see any blocks on your account related to Chime. Discuss workaround options.


In summary, Klarna does not accept debit cards from Chime due to payment issues. Nevertheless, persistent users may still be able to add Chime, especially if they choose the Credit Builder card option. The compatibility between buy now, pay later, and digital banking solutions should theoretically increase over time as these solutions expand. Until then, Chime users can use workarounds like changing payment methods or buying from partners.

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