Petsmart is a Disneyland for pet accessories; from pet services to products, the American chain superstore is the place to be for all pet enthusiasts. Apart from the wide variety of pet toys, pet apparel, pet care supplies and treats, PetSmart also offers services such as pet training and pet grooming. You can also enjoy in-store pickup, online shopping and delivery services.

With technology evolving by the day, all the major retail brands are rapidly adapting contactless payment to improve the customer experience while also providing an additional layer of security while shopping. Let’s say you’re at Petsmart buying treats for your furry or feathered companion, and you don’t have a credit card, cash or any form of physical payment on you. That is quite frustrating, right? It’s Apple Pay to the rescue!

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Yes, Apple Pay is accepted by Petsmart, and it’s one of the many secure payment methods accepted by all its store locations; you can conveniently make transactions using any of your iOS devices like an iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad.

Does PetSmart Take Apple Pay?

We’ve got good news for all iOS users who hate carrying cash or a card around while shopping; using Apple Pay at checkout is a secure payment solution and ensures a hassle-free shopping experience with just a few clicks. Paying with apple pay is fairly simple; you just have to spot its logo at the checkout counter. However, Apple Pay is accepted only in all in-person store locations; PetSmart’s website or app does not process Apple Pay payments.

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How to use Apple Pay With PetSmart?

How to use Apple Pay With PetSmart

You’re just a few steps away from using Apple Pay at checkouts; simply follow the steps below:

  • Enable the Apple Pay feature on your iOS device.
  • Open the app and ensure your card is added successfully
  • Now, while checking out your pet goodies at PetSmart, let the cashier know you want to pay through apple pay.
  • Access the app on your phone and authorize the payment with a face ID, password or fingerprint.
  • Once you’re in, spot the contactless reader at checkout and hold the top half of your Apple Watch or iPhone close to it.
  • You will receive a “done” alert when your payment is successful. Pretty simple, right? Follow these steps, and you’ll soon be a pro at contactless payments.

How to use Apple Pay in the PetSmart App?

Unfortunately, PetSmart’s online platforms do not process any apple pay transactions. You can place orders online for pickup or delivery if you don’t have the time to visit the store, but you can’t pay through Apply Pay. There is a possibility that this may evolve in the future, but as of now, you cannot use apple pay to complete your online purchases.

However, you don’t need to panic as the online portal of does offer several other great payment alternatives for a seamless shopping experience, such as gift cards, PayPal, credit cards etc.; you can choose the one you find the most convenient. Some more alternatives are mentioned further.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at PetSmart?

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at PetSmart

Using Apple Pay at PetSmart is not only convenient and secure but also has a set of benefits and points.

  • You can get great discounts and cashback by using apple pay at checkout.
  • You can be eligible for loyalty program benefits to enhance your shopping experience.
  • Earn reward points by using Apple Pay at PetSmart which you can later redeem.
  • Using Apple Pay adds a layer of security as your card details are not stored or shared during payment.
  • Reduces physical contact and offers a clean and hygienic shopping experience.
  • A great alternative for quick and easy shopping sprees.

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Alternate Payment Methods At PetSmart You Can Use

Apart from Apple Pay, PetSmart also offers a wide range of alternative payment solutions for you to choose from. At the checkout, you can indulge in a seamless shopping environment by paying for your online or offline cart with any of the options listed below:

  • PetSmart gift cards
  • Any debit card
  • Major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express – PayPal
  • PetSmart also accepts cash and merchandise return cards for in-store purchases.


Whether you’re browsing online or in-store, PetSmart has various payment options that might fit your liking. Using Apple Pay is a secure and contactless option if you like to shop on the go and want to avoid long queues; it not only provides a pleasant experience for you but also for your furry friends. So set up your Apple Pay today and say goodbye to those bulky wallets! We’re sure you won’t regret it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Is It Safe to Use Apple Pay at PetSmart?

Yes, it is completely safe to use Apple Pay at PetSmart as compared to other traditional payment methods. This is because it uses features like biometric authentication and tokenization to keep your payment information safe.

2) Does PetSmart Charge Extra Fees When Using Apple Pay?

No, there is no additional charge for using Apple Pay as a payment method. You just have to pay your total bill with applicable taxes.

3) Does PetSmart Have a Limit for Apple Pay?

PetSmart does not have any specific limit for Apple Pay purchases. Although, your credit card issuer or bank may have a certain limit for contactless payments to prevent fraudulent transactions.

4) Does Petsmart Take Apple Pay Online?

As of now, the online portals of PetSmart do not accept Apple Pay. However, this can change if petSmart updates its policies regarding mobile payments shortly.

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