BharatPe was founded in 2018 and allows merchants to accept digital payments through QR codes. It also provides lending services. As BharatPe continues expanding, some users have faced technical glitches, hidden charges, refund issues, and poor customer support.

If you face such problems with BharatPe, you have the right to file a formal complaint and seek resolution under the Consumer Protection Act 2019. This article will guide you through the complaint filing process against BharatPe via different channels.

Reasons for Complaints Against BharatPe

How can I complain to BharatPe

Some common grievances against BharatPe include:

  1. Technical issues – App crashes, payment failures, QR code malfunctions, etc. Users have complained about transactions failing but amounts getting deducted from their accounts.
  2. Hidden charges – Some customers have been billed for unexpected fees during payments and transactions. These include convenience fees, gateway charges, etc.
  3. Refund issues – Many users have reported delayed or failed refunds for returned products or cancelled orders. Refunds get stuck for weeks due to technical errors.
  4. Customer support problems – BharatPe customers have faced long waiting times of over 48 hours for responses from customer service. Support agents also provide unhelpful copy-paste responses sometimes.

Maintain detailed records of any such incidents before filing your complaint.

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Before Filing A Complaint

Before approaching external consumer complaint channels, try to resolve the issue directly with BharatPe first:

  • Contact BharatPe customer support via their helpline number +91 8882555444 or email at [email protected]. You can also reach out on Twitter @BharatPeIndia. Explain your grievance and keep records of all communication.
  • Gather evidence like transaction receipts, bank statements, and screenshots to support your complaint.

How to Register A Complaint Against BharatPe Using Easy 3 Methods?

You can file a complaint against BharatPe through the following channels:

Method 1: File a Complaint Directly with BharatPe

You can directly approach BharatPe customer support by:

Step 1: Call their helpline number, +91 8882555444. You can also email [email protected] or reach out on Twitter @BharatPeIndia.

Step 2: Explain your complaint and regularly follow up over calls and emails for resolution. You can send emails to their Head of Customer Service for escalation.

Step 3: If calls/emails do not work, send a legal notice to BharatPe’s corporate office address at Sector-V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata.

How can I complain to BharatPe Steps

Method 2: File Complaint on Voxya Platform

Voxya is a consumer complaints platform that assists in taking legal action against brands. Their complaint process involves:

Step 1: Go to the Voxya website and select File a Complaint.

How can I complain to BharatPe Methods Voxya

Step 2: Choose BharatPe from the list of companies and describe your complaint in detail in the text box.

How can I complain to BharatPe Methods

Step 3: Enter your personal information, like name, contact details, etc to create an account.

Step 4: Voxya will notify BharatPe about your complaint and help you get a refund, replacement, or compensation.

Method 3: File a Complaint with the RBI Ombudsman

If your issue remains unresolved after approaching BharatPe, you can file a complaint with the RBI Ombudsman:

Step 1: The RBI Ombudsman can be approached if a complaint remains unresolved after 30 days of intimating BharatPe.

Step 2: You need to first file your complaint on the RBI Ombudsman portal. Provide complaint details and upload supporting documents.

Step 3: The RBI will send a copy of your complaint to BharatPe and try to facilitate resolution within 1-2 months, depending on the case’s complexity.

How can I complain to BharatPe RBI

Understanding Your Rights as a BharatPe Customer

As a consumer, you have the following rights per the Consumer Protection Act of 2019:

  • Right to complete information about a product or service before purchasing, including ingredients, features, price, expiration, etc.
  • Protection from hazardous goods and services that can harm you, like faulty electronics or expired foods. Companies are liable for injuries caused.
  • Protection from unfair trade practices like false advertising, fake reviews, multi-level marketing schemes, or coercive selling tactics.
  • Access to competitive and fair pricing as per market standards. Companies cannot arbitrarily overcharge.
  • Right to be heard and seek redressal for complaints promptly via consumer courts and grievance cells.

Knowing these rights can help you identify if a company is at fault and strengthen your complaint case.

How can I complain to BharatPe Guide

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Tips for a Successful Complaint Resolution

To improve chances of complaint resolution, remember to:

  1. Follow up persistently via calls and emails. Be polite yet firm in seeking a response. Avoid anger or heated talk. Document all communication.
  2. If initial service agents are unable to help, politely escalate to supervisors/managers. Explain that the issue remains unresolved despite previous efforts.
  3. Set reasonable timelines for resolution when escalating. 7-10 business days is fair before going to the next level.
  4. Save records and take screenshots of calls/chats for evidence. Follow-up emails to document discussion points.
  5. If a company stops responding after initial contact, send legal notice to the registered address to renew pressure.


Filing a complaint against BharatPe first involves attempting direct resolution through their customer support channels. If that fails, you can use consumer complaints platforms like Voxya to apply more pressure. 

As a last resort, unresolved complaints can be escalated to the RBI Ombudsman. Through persistent follow-ups and exploring all available grievance redressal mechanisms, you can assert your consumer rights against any unfair trade practices faced when using BharatPe.

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