PandaBuy is a professional shopping agent and delivery service provider. Understanding shipping times is crucial when using PandaBuy to ensure you get your items efficiently. This article will provide an overview of PandaBuy’s order and shipping process, standard timeframes, factors affecting delivery, shipping costs, and tips for faster shipping.

Understanding PandaBuy’s Shipping Process


Here is a quick overview of the key steps when ordering items through PandaBuy:

  1. Place order
  2. PandaBuy purchases and processes order
  3. The item ships domestically to the PandaBuy warehouse
  4. International shipment submitted from warehouse
  5. The package ships internationally to the customer

How Long Does Panda Buy Take To Ship? Order Process and Details

From order placement to shipment, the seller usually takes 3-7 days to ship the item domestically to PandaBuy’s warehouse. To place an order on PandaBuy, search for the product you want or paste the link into the search bar. Select your preferences like colour and size, then click “Buy Now”.

PandaBuy will process and purchase the order within 6 working hours. This involves contacting the seller and handling payment.

Rush Buy Option

PandaBuy offers a “Rush Buy” option that expedites the purchasing process, reducing the processing time to just 30 minutes. This results in faster domestic shipping to PandaBuy’s warehouse.

Shipping Timeframes

Once PandaBuy has received your items in the warehouse, standard delivery times to ship internationally are:

DestinationDelivery Time
USA6-10 days
UK5-7 days
Canada6-10 days
Australia6-10 days
New Zealand6-10 days

However, shipping times can vary depending on:

  • Origin and destination
  • Shipping company
  • Customs efficiency
  • Chosen shipping method
  • Holiday seasons
  • Events like COVID-19

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Domestic Shipping within China

Domestic shipping within China

On average, it takes 3-5 working days for sellers to ship items domestically to PandaBuy’s warehouse after placing the order. However, this timeframe can vary depending on:

  • Seller’s processing time: Some sellers ship within 1 day, while others can take over a week
  • Item availability: Out-of-stock items require extra purchasing and processing
  • Location in China: Transit from remote areas lengthens domestic shipping
  • Incidents: Natural disasters supplier issues can delay shipments
  • Holiday seasons: Chinese New Year causes 1-2 week shipping delays

Paying attention to the seller’s handling time when ordering and avoiding placing orders just before the Chinese New Year in January/February will help minimise excessive domestic shipping times from sellers to PandaBuy’s warehouse.

International Shipping

International shipping times depend on:

  • Destination: Transit times for nearby locations like Japan and Korea are faster at 3-5 days, while long-haul deliveries to the US and UK average 5-10 days
  • Shipping carriers and methods: Budget lines like ePacket take 2 weeks, and more expensive couriers like DHL are faster
  • Customs procedures: Some countries, like Australia have longer customs processing leading to delays
  • Warehouse processing: During sales or holidays, huge order volumes slow down sorting and dispatch
  • Force majeure: Unpredictable factors like carrier losses, volcanic eruptions, and port strikes happen

Choosing faster shipping lines, even at higher costs, can reduce delivery times by 2-4 days on average. However, customs and force majeure events can still cause shipment delays.

Shipping Costs

PandaBuy calculates international shipping costs based on the following:

  • Carrier: Options like DHL, UPS, and FedEx cost more than PostNL, ePacket
  • Variables: Heavier items in bulkier packaging add surcharges
  • Destination zones: Europe and East Asia are cheaper; the US, CA, and AU cost more
  • Discounts: Coupons and VIP packages reduce shipping fees

Beyond weight and volume metrics, carrier selection and destination countries influence total shipping costs. Users should utilise PandaBuy’s shipping estimators and preferential coupons to lower expenses and maximise savings.

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Tips for Faster Delivery

Tips for faster delivery

To maximise shipping speed and efficiency with PandaBuy:

  • Use the Rush Buy option when ordering to expedite purchasing and domestic shipping
  • Choose faster shipping lines like DHL, FedEx, and UPS for international delivery despite higher costs
  • Activate route optimisation to avoid customs delays in some countries
  • Track order progress in your PandaBuy account to catch any unexpected delays
  • Avoid ordering non-essential items around holidays like Chinese New Year and Christmas to skip two week+ delays
  • Do not ship prohibited items like branded goods to Australia or adult products to Muslim countries
  • Sign up for VIP membership to get shipping coupons and discounts resulting in cost savings

Following these best practices allows buyers to optimize both PandaBuy’s processing workflows and international shipping transit routes. This results in the quickest and most affordable delivery of purchased products.


Understanding the timeframes involved with PandaBuy’s order and international shipping process ensures realistic delivery expectations. While standard delivery takes 5-10 days on average, factors like holidays, events, and shipping methods can all impact actual shipping times. Following the tips outlined can help expedite the process.

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