Kroll provides identity theft protection and monitoring services as part of its risk mitigation and response services. A robust identity theft protection program is essential in the face of increasing cyber threats. This article aims to provide an overview of Kroll’s monitoring services, pricing details, how the system works, key features and benefits, and how they compare to other monitoring solutions.

Understanding Kroll Monitoring

The Kroll Monitoring service detects and alerts customers about potential threats to their personal information. The system scans a user’s identity across various platforms and databases.

In addition to providing support in case of an actual identity theft incident, Kroll leverages its investigative expertise to safeguard customer identities.

Cost of Kroll Monitoring Services

Cost of Kroll Monitoring Services

Kroll Identity Monitoring pricing starts at around $320 per year for the basic package.

The key variables affecting cost are:

  • Types of services – Basic vs premium packages
  • Duration – 1 year vs 2 year packages
  • Number of users – Individual vs family coverage

The basic plan covers monitoring and alerts for one user. Premium plans provide added coverage like more extensive historical data, identity recovery services, higher insurance, and family packages. Compared to alternatives like LifeLock, Kroll’s pricing is competitive for the extensive set of features it offers.

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Services Offered

Kroll Monitoring provides robust core identity theft protection features plus optional add-ons, including:

  • Cyber monitoring – Scans black market websites, hacker forums, and malware networks
  • Alert dashboard – Get notified of suspicious activity via email, text and mobile app
  • Dark web monitoring – Detection of compromised credentials being sold online
  • Credit alerts and scoring – Monitoring of credit reports and risk factors impacting credit
  • Complete identity restoration – Expert guidance and power-of-attorney support if identity theft occurs
  • High-coverage insurance – Up to $1 million identity theft insurance

Kroll’s “Pro” packages also monitor bank accounts, retirement accounts, credit cards, medical IDs, passports, driver’s licenses and more. Customisable family packages are also available.

How Kroll Monitoring Works

how kroll monitoring works
  • Signing Up – Provide personal information like SSN, DOB, email, and addresses
  • Monitoring – Kroll scans databases and websites for fraudulent use
  • Alerts – Notifications by email or phone if suspicious activities are found
  • Response – Kroll experts guide next steps if identity theft occurs

Importantly, Kroll also offers the services of in-house private investigators to fully restore victims’ identities and reimburse related expenses up to $5 million.

Benefits of Kroll Monitoring

Some major advantages that Kroll Monitoring provides are:

  • Comprehensive protection – Monitoring across credit reports, public records, and the dark web
  • Timely alerts – Real-time notifications to act quickly against identity theft
  • Expert guidance – Access to licensed investigators for identity recovery assistance
  • Industry-leading guarantee – $5 million service guarantee

Customisable packages based on coverage needs and budget make it a flexible identity protection option.

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Kroll Monitoring vs Other Services

other services

Kroll generally provides among the most comprehensive protection and restoration services compared to popular alternatives like LifeLock, IdentityForce, IDShield, Identity Guard, and Credit Sesame.

Key advantages include:

  • Higher identity theft insurance limits – $5 million vs $1 million typically
  • Faster identity recovery times due to dedicated Licensed Private Investigators
  • Broad monitoring spanning credit/finance, medical, driving licenses, passports and more
  • Competitive “Good” rating from Independent Analyst QuinStreet

However, the top-tier “Pro” packages can be more expensive than some competitors, with rates from $25 to $60 monthly. Consumers seeking ultra-low-cost basic protection may find cheaper options elsewhere. But Kroll generally outshines rivals when considering end-to-end solution breadth and restoration guarantees.


In the age of cyber risks, robust identity theft monitoring is crucial for early detection and quick response. Along with best-in-class identity theft insurance, Kroll provides complete protection – from scanning to alerts to restoration. Identity protection without breaking the bank is possible with its flexible plans. Kroll’s security services deliver high value when considering the potential losses from identity theft.

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