WhatsApp launched the Status feature back in 2017, enabling users to share disappearing photos, videos, GIFs, and more, kind of like Stories on other social platforms. As people get creative with their Status updates, many want to know how to add background music or songs to make them more engaging – similar to how you can on Instagram or Facebook.

Unlike those apps, though, WhatsApp doesn’t have a built-in music library to search and add tracks. But fear not! There are a few easy tricks to add tunes to your Status updates.

How To Add Music To WhatsApp Status Easily?

Add Music To WhatsApp Status

In this detailed guide, we’ll walk through the top methods to start pumping up your WhatsApp Statuses with sweet music. Let’s get you started right away.

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Method 1. Add Song In Whatsapp Status Via Phone Speaker

If you just want to add a soundtrack to your Status videos quickly, an easy hack is to use your phone’s external speaker. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open your favourite music app and start blasting the song you want to add to your Status. Make sure the volume’s turned up enough to be heard clearly.

Step 2: Head to WhatsApp and open up the Status tab. Hit the camera/plus icon to record a new video.

How To Add Music To WhatsApp Status Easily Screenrecord

Step 3: With the music pumping from your phone’s speaker, record your Status video like normal. The song playing aloud will be captured in the background audio.

Step 4: Once you’re done recording, preview your video to check the music is audible at the level you want. Add any finishing touches, then post your musical Status masterpiece for your friends to enjoy!

This lets you seamlessly add tunes to your Status vids as you capture them. One catch is that it only works for videos – you can’t add music to photo Statuses this way.

Method 2. Add Music To Whatsapp Status Via Online Editor

If you want more control and the ability to add songs to both pics and videos, using an online video editor is the way to go!

One awesome option is FlexClip – an all-in-one editor made specifically for taking WhatsApp Statuses up a notch. Here’s how to work your magic with FlexClip:

Step 1: Head to the FlexClip website and launch the editor. Select the correct size for Status vids.

How To Add Music To WhatsApp Status Edit

Step 2: Upload the photos, clips, and media you want for your Status to FlexClip. Drag and drop them onto the timeline to assemble your masterpiece.

How To Add Music To WhatsApp Status Flexclip

Step 3: Browse FlexClip’s massive music library to find the perfect tracks, themes, or sound effects. You can even use your own songs.

How To Add Music To WhatsApp Status Guide

Step 4: Trim the tunes and set start/end points so they match the length of your video. Smooth the transitions with fade-ins/outs.

How To Add Music To WhatsApp Status Methods

Step 5: Adjust the volume so the music perfectly complements your visuals.

Step 6: Use FlexClip’s text, animations, overlays, and other snazzy editing tools to make your Status extra fly.

Step 7: Export your musical Status creation and wow your friends when you post it!

With FlexClip, you can add audio to photos, too, by turning them into video slideshows. And their editing features help take your Status to the next level.

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Method 3. Add Music To WhatsApp Status Via Mobile Editing App

There are also mobile apps you can use to add audio and music to WhatsApp Status updates right from your phone. One excellent choice compatible with both iOS and Android devices is InShot.

Follow these steps to add music with InShot:

Step 1: Download the InShot app on your phone from the app store.

How To Add Music To WhatsApp Status Inshot

Step 2: Launch InShot and import the photo or video you want to use for Status from your phone’s library.

Step 3: Navigate to the Music section and browse InShot’s extensive library of songs. Select the track you want.

How To Add Music To WhatsApp Status Inshot App

Step 4: Trim the song clip to match the length of your photo/video.

How To Add Music To WhatsApp Status Inshot App Guide

Step 5: Finalize any other edits you want to make and export the finished video with music.

Step 6: Open WhatsApp, access your Status tab, and upload the edited video as you normally would.

How To Add Music To WhatsApp Status Easily

While InShot has simplified editing tools compared to advanced desktop software, it remains a quick, convenient way to add music when creating WhatsApp Status posts on your phone.

Music Ideas For WhatsApp Status

How To Add Music To WhatsApp Status

When selecting songs or audio to include in your Status updates, consider these popular options:

  • Trending songs and top hits from the current music charts.
  • Movie or TV show soundtracks and theme songs.
  • Your favourite music genres – pop, rock, hip-hop, classical, etc.
  • Themed background music to match the context of your photos/videos – love songs for a couple of photographs, upbeat tracks for vacation videos, sad songs for heartbreak posts, etc.

Take inspiration from songs you enjoy listening to and find creative ways to match tracks to the content you share. Integrating suitable music can take your Status updates to the next level.

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Customizing Music In WhatsApp Status Guide

Once you’ve added music to your WhatsApp Status, take advantage of editing tools to further refine the audio:

  • Trim the start and end points of music clips so the track seamlessly aligns with the length of your video or photo slideshow. Avoid awkward fading out mid-song.
  • Adjust the volume levels so the music complements your visuals without drowning them out. Subtle background audio works best.
  • Apply fades to the intro and outro of songs to smoothly transition music on and off as the video starts/ends.
  • Overlay multiple tracks to create unique audio collages and remixes combining your favorite songs.
  • Use filters or effects like bass boost, pitching, distortion, etc. to alter the tone or mood of music to match your Status vibe.

Fine-tuning your audio additions through trimming, volume fades, and effects will take your WhatsApp Status videos to the next level.


Adding background music or songs is a great way to make your WhatsApp Status updates more lively, engaging, and fun. As we’ve covered, you have various straightforward options to integrate audio – from using your phone speaker while recording to leveraging online editors like FlexClip or mobile apps such as InShot.

Get creative and experiment with different music styles, songs, sound effects, and edits to find what best complements your Status photos and videos, and soon, you’ll be creating musical masterpieces to share as WhatsApp Status posts that your friends will love.

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