PhonePe is one of the leading digital payment platforms in India, offering services like mobile recharges, utility bill payments, online transactions, etc. The autopay feature enables automatic payments every month for your subscriptions, electricity/DTH/gas bills, and other repetitive expenses. This removes the need to make manual payments each time.

However, you may want to cancel autopsy in PhonePe for certain merchants for several reasons, like switching to a different payment method, unsubscribing from a non-essential subscription, and tracking expenses more closely by making manual payments.  Fortunately, cancelling autopay on PhonePe is a simple process if you follow some easy steps.

How To Cancel Autopay In PhonePe Easily?

Cancel Autopay In PhonePe Easily

Before proceeding with autopay cancellation, ensure that you have an active PhonePe account set up on your device. Also, identify the specific merchant or service to remove from autopay. This will allow for a smooth cancellation process. Follow these steps to cancel autopay on PhonePe:

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Step 1: Access The PhonePe App & Account Settings

  • Open the PhonePe app on your device – mobile or tablet.
  • Tap on the account icon visible on the top left corner of the app interface.
  • This will open the menu for your account settings and preferences.
How To Cancel Autopay In PhonePe Guide

Step 2: Navigate to Autopay Settings

  • Within the account settings menu, look for the Autopay option and tap on it.
  • This will direct you to the autopay settings page with a list of all merchants, subscriptions, or services enrolled for automatic recurring payments.
How To Cancel Autopay In PhonePe Steps

Step 3: Identify Service and Initiate Cancellation

  • Review the list of merchants and services under autopay settings.
  • Identify the specific merchant you wish to stop autopay for.
  • Locate the Remove button or icon (usually a trash can or an ‘X’ icon) next to the merchant name.
  • Tap on the remove icon to initiate the cancellation process for that merchant’s autopay mandate.
  • Confirm the cancellation request when prompted by PhonePe.
How To Cancel Autopay In PhonePe Methods

Following these main steps correctly will ensure the successful disabling of autopay for your chosen merchant or service.

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Alternative Ways To Cancel Autopay In PhonePe

Apart from cancelling autopay directly from the app, you can also consider:

  1. Customer Support – Reach out to PhonePe customer service through call or email. They can disable autopay on your behalf by verifying account details.
  2. Registered Email – You can send a cancellation request through your registered email ID to PhonePe support. Include necessary account and merchant details.

For these methods, ensure you provide the required information accurately for a quick resolution.

How To Cancel Autopay In PhonePe Trick

What To Do After Canceling Autopay In PhonePe?

After completing the autopay cancellation process, consider these next steps:

1. Verify Successful Cancellation

  • Double-check the autopay settings to confirm the removal of the intended merchant.
  • Review bank statements to ensure no further automatic deductions occur.

This validates the proper deactivation of the autopay mandate.

2. Manage Alternative Payments

  • Set payment reminders or calendar alerts for any cancelled autopay bills or subscriptions.
  • Enrol them into another autopay service if available.
  • Switch to manual payment modes like bank transfer, debit/credit cards, etc.

3. Reactivation Option

If you need to setup autopay again for the same (or different) merchant, simply redo the activation process:

  • Go to the Autopay page and click on Add Autopay.
  • Select merchant and confirm your account details.
  • Review all details before confirming autopay reactivation.
How To Cancel Autopay In PhonePe

Troubleshooting Tips

Follow these tips if you face any issues cancelling autopay on PhonePe:

1. If Autopay Doesn’t Get Cancelled

  • Contact PhonePe customer support if autopay continues despite repeated cancellation attempts
  • Raise a formal complaint citing merchant details and cancellation efforts.

2. Accidental Reactivation Issues

  • Monitor your autopay settings regularly to ensure accuracy.
  • Avoid accidentally authorizing unwanted autopay mandates.

3. Payment Failures Post-Cancellation

  • Payment failures even after cancellation may indicate request was unsuccessful.
  • Follow up with the merchant first and escalate to PhonePe support if needed.

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1) Will cancelling autopay affect my existing subscriptions or payments?

Cancelling autopay will only stop future payments from being automatically deducted. It will not impact or cancel any existing subscriptions, bills or payments authorized previously.

2) Can I temporarily disable autopay for some time and reactivate later?

PhonePe does not currently offer an option to temporarily pause autopay for a fixed duration or interval. You will need to fully cancel autopay and set up the facility again when required.

3) How does cancelling autopay impact my credit score and history?

Cancelling autopay has no direct influence on your credit score or payment history. Timely payments and optimal credit utilization are bigger factors affecting your creditworthiness.

4) Is it possible to cancel multiple merchant autopays together?

PhonePe does not facilitate bulk or multi-merchant cancellation in one go. You will need to individually follow the cancellation process outlined earlier for each distinct merchant.

5) Can I cancel autopay on the PhonePe website or only via the mobile app?

As of now, PhonePe allows autopay cancellation only through their mobile app. The web interface has limited features. Using the PhonePe mobile app is recommended for a smooth experience.


In summary, cancelling autopay on PhonePe is quick and straightforward by accessing your account settings and removing the chosen merchant. Verify successful deactivation, continue payments through alternative methods, and enable autopay again if required in the future. Keeping tabs on your payment mandates and autopay settings helps gain more control over your finances.

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