Zomato is a popular online food delivery service used by millions of Indians to order food from thousands of partner restaurants nationwide. With a few taps on your smartphone, you can get your favourite meals delivered to your doorstep. However, there are instances when you may need to cancel an order in Zomato; some common instances include ordering the wrong items, changing plans, delivery taking too long, and various other reasons.

It is helpful to know the process of cancelling orders in such cases. This article will walk you through how to cancel order in Zomato app and website.

How To Cancel Order In Zomato App

Zomato provides multiple options to cancel your order based on different situations, and you can easily cancel your orders on the Zomato app. Simply follow the steps mentioned below:

STEP 1 :

Open the Zomato app and go to the “Your Orders” section.


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STEP 2 :

Choose the order you wish to cancel.

STEP 3 :

Tap on “Need help with your order?”.


STEP 4 :

Select “I want to cancel my order” when the chatbot appears.


STEP 5 :

Pick the appropriate reason for cancellation.

If the restaurant has not accepted the order or has not been picked up for delivery, the app will cancel your order with a confirmation message.

How To Cancel Order In Zomato Website

To cancel orders on the Zomato website, simply follow the mentioned steps below:

STEP 1 – Log in to your Zomato account.


STEP 2 – Go to “Order History” under “Online Ordering”.

STEP 3 – Click on “View Details” of the order.

STEP 4 – Choose the “Cancel Order” option and follow the prompts.


However, cancelling via the app is recommended by Zomato.

How To Contact Zomato Customer Support

If unable to cancel the order in Zomato yourself, you can also contact zomato’s customer support:

STEP 1 – From the Zomato app, go to your profile and select “Online Ordering Help”.


STEP 2 – Choose “Cancel order” from the common issues list in the chatbot.

STEP 3 – Provide necessary details about the order to the agent.


STEP 4 – Customer service will assist in cancellation.

Things to Remember Before Cancelling Order In Zomato

When cancelling a order in Zomato, you must consider the following things:

Zomato allows order cancellation with a full refund within 60 seconds of placing an order.

The refund depends on the restaurant’s policy if the order is cancelled after acceptance or pickup.

Possibility of cancellation charges if the restaurant has started food preparation.

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Getting a Refund for a Cancelled Zomato Order

If you cancel your Zomato order within the specified window, a refund will be provided to your original payment method after confirmation. But the amount can vary if order preparation has started.

Refund Process

  • Zomato initiates refund after cancellation confirmation via email.
  • Timeline is 1-7 business days for processing.
  • The refund method is the same as the original payment mode used.


Factors Affecting Refund Time

  • Payment Method: Bank transfers slower than digital wallets
  • Bank Processing: Each bank has a different processing timeline

Zomato Order Cancellation Policy

Key highlights of Zomato’s cancellation policy:

  • Customers can cancel orders with a full refund within 60 seconds of placing an order.
  • After order acceptance by the restaurant, cancellation charges may apply.
  • Delivery charges excluded from the refund amount.
  • Additional restaurant-specific rules may also apply.

Customers must review the cancellation policy before ordering food on Zomato.

When Unable to Cancel the Zomato Order

Sometimes, Zomato order cannot be cancelled due to the following:

Troubleshooting Tips

Restaurants are already preparing food.Contact Zomato support for assistance.
A delivery person has already picked up the order.See if an order can be returned to the restaurant.
Missing cancel option in the appOrdered item not eligible for cancellation

In such cases, contact Zomato customer service via the app or call centre.

Contact Delivery Person

If Zomato support is also unable to cancel an order:

  • Note down the contact number of the assigned delivery person.
  • Call them and request order cancellation.
  • Provide reason for cancellation.
  • The delivery agent will connect with the Zomato team to process cancellations based on policy.
  • Refund will be provided after required deductions if eligible.

So, in difficult situations, involving a delivery agent can also help in cancelling a Zomato order.


1) Can I cancel an order after it’s prepared?

After food preparation begins, cancellation is not allowed in most cases. Check with Zomato support for assistance.

2) How long for Zomato refund to process?

Zomato refunds via the original payment method in 1-7 working days, generally after deducting applicable charges.

3) What if the delivery person refuses cancellation?

Insist on cancellation or connect with Zomato support in such rare cases for resolution.

4) Are there fees for cancelling an order?

If cancelled within 60 seconds, no fees and a full refund will be provided. Later cancellations can attract charges.


Zomato makes the process of cancelling orders quick and convenient in most cases. Users must ensure they act within the short cancellation window to be eligible for a full refund. Checking the cancellation policy before placing any orders on Zomato is always advisable. Timely cancellation is essential to avoid any charges or wastage of food. In situations where self-cancellation fails, customers can contact Zomato’s customer support team for assistance.

Being fully aware of Zomato’s laid-out processes for cancellations and refunds allows customers to have a smooth food delivery experience even if their plans change unexpectedly. You can easily navigate Zomato’s cancellation process by following the handy guide in this article.

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