The need to cancel your Progressive car insurance policy may arise if you find a better rate or have a transition in your life circumstances. To avoid coverage gaps, you should first set up a new policy, understand any Progressive fees, and correctly time your cancellation date before ceasing coverage.

The purpose of this article is to explain what you need to know about cancelling your Progressive auto insurance policy. Make sure the process runs smoothly by contacting customer service, providing accurate information, and activating new coverage.

cancel progressive policy

Pre-Cancellation Considerations

Consider the following factors before cancelling your Progressive policy:

  • Impact on Rates: Rates may be affected if you cancel your mid-policy or have a coverage gap. At the expiration of your policy, try to switch.
  • Fees: There may be a cancellation fee of $50-$65 charged by Progressive, depending on your state. Before cancelling, make sure that you understand them.
  • Refunds: A prorated refund may be available for your premium. Whenever you cancel, confirm the details.
  • Coverage: Do not allow coverage to lapse between policies. Otherwise, you may be subject to severe penalties.

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How to Cancel Progressive Car Insurance (Easy Steps)

Cancelling your Progressive car policy takes some time and planning but is straightforward once you understand the proper process. Follow these key steps:

STEP 1: Contact Progressive Customer Service

The first step is to call Progressive directly at 1-800-776-4737. This number connects you with a customer service agent who can process policy cancellations.

step 1 progressive

When you call, be prepared to potentially wait on hold for 10-15 minutes during peak times. The best times to call with lower wait times are evenings and weekends.

STEP 2: Provide Required Policyholder Information

The Progressive agent will first verify your identity by asking for specific policyholder information, including:

  • Your full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Progressive insurance policy number
  • Social Security number
  • Reason for cancellation
  • Effective cancellation date

Have this information ready before you call to expedite the process.

STEP 3: Discuss Cancellation Details

Once your details are verified, discuss your specific cancellation details with the agent, including:

step 3 progressive
  • Any cancellation fees owed to Progressive based on your state and policy type
  • Your potential eligibility for a prorated premium refund for an unused policy term
  • The date and method you will receive your final policy bill and any outstanding balance

STEP 4: Confirm Your New Insurance Coverage

An important intermediate step is to confirm when your new insurance coverage will take effect. Your new policy should become active before your Progressive policy terminates to avoid any coverage gap.
Provide your new insurance policy details to the Progressive agent. This includes the name of your new provider, policy number, and adequate coverage date.

STEP 5: Complete the Cancellation

With key details covered for both ending your Progressive policy and initiating replacement coverage, complete the formal cancellation request per the agent’s instructions.

step 5 progressive

Make a note of any reference numbers or direct contact information for the agent in case you need to follow up.

STEP 6: Pay Final Bill and Allow for Refund Processing

After receiving your final bill, pay the outstanding amount within 30 days and allow up to 4 weeks for any premium refund check to be issued and arrive by mail. Mark your calendar for follow-up if it has not arrived within that window.

Alternative Cancellation Methods

In addition to calling Progressive to cancel your policy, you may have other cancellation options depending on your state’s regulations and Progressive’s cancellation policies:

Cancellation by Written Notice

written notice
  • You can mail a letter requesting cancellation to Progressive Express Insurance Cancellations or your local Progressive Service Center.
  • Include your full name, policy number, requested cancellation date, reason for cancellation, and new insurer details if applicable.
  • Make a copy of the letter for your records before mailing it via certified mail with the return receipt requested.
  • Allow 3 weeks for processing, then follow up if your policy has not been cancelled by the requested date.

Online Cancellation

online cancellation
  • Some states allow policyholders to log in to Progressive’s online portal and submit cancellation requests electronically.
  • To check if this option is available for your policy, register/log in through Progressive’s website.
  • If displayed as eligible, provide details like policy number, cancellation reason, new insurer, refund preference, etc.
  • Make sure to print or save a confirmation of your online cancellation request.
  • You will still need to call to confirm details like fees or refunds owed.

Note that written and online cancellations may take 1-2 weeks to finalise after submission. Avoid coverage gaps by securing your new policy in advance. Follow up with Progressive if cancellation is not completed by the date requested.

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Post-Cancellation Steps

After you complete the cancellation process with Progressive, take these additional steps:

  • Provide any requested proof of prior insurance to your new auto insurance carrier.
  • Verify that your new policy coverage becomes active by the date your Progressive policy terminates.
  • Review your new insurance cards and policy documents for accuracy.
  • Carefully review your final Progressive policy bill for any outstanding balance owed.
  • Confirm what date payment is due and pay the full remaining amount before that deadline, typically within 30 days of cancellation.
  • Log in to Progressive’s website to view the latest billing statements if not received promptly after cancellation.
  • If eligible for a prorated premium refund, opt to receive it as a check or EFT deposit.
  • Allow up to 4 weeks for it to be processed, and send a written inquiry if not received within that timeframe.

If you have an auto loan or lease, provide updated insurance documents to your lender per loan requirements.

Potential Challenges and Solutions


You may encounter some challenges when cancelling your Progressive policy:

Pushback from Customer Service

  • Agents may try to retain your business by offering discounts or new rates. Politely insist on cancellation if your mind is made up.

Delays in Finalizing Cancellation

  • If cancellation paperwork is lost or processing is delayed, call back and politely push for manager status updates.

Disagreements Over Fees or Refunds

  • If fees or refund amounts differ from expectations, request details in writing from Progressive before paying any disputed balances.
  • Escalate to managers calmly and factually if needed until the discrepancies are explained or resolved.

Be patient yet persistent in working through any cancellation headaches. Keep notes on names and dates and stay engaged until confirmation the policy is terminated without gaps in coverage.


Cancelling your Progressive insurance policy takes some planning but is straightforward once you know the proper steps. Avoid coverage gaps, confirm details like fees and refunds, and have a new insurer locked in before termination. If challenges arise, persist politely to finalise the cancellation. With the right approach, you can painlessly switch to an insurer that fits your needs and budget better.

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