With over 2 billion users globally, WhatsApp dominates as one of the most widely used messaging platforms. One of its most popular features is the ability to create group chats for teams, friends, families, and more.

Over time, you may want to change the name of a group for various reasons – the current name is outdated, confusing, doesn’t reflect new members, or you just want something fresh. WhatsApp allows admins to easily rename groups on the fly.

Whether you manage the group on mobile or WhatsApp Web, renaming only takes a few taps. We’ll outline the steps for both platforms below. With these tips, you can keep your group names organized and up-to-date.

How To Change Group Name In WhatsApp Easily? 

How To Change Group Name In WhatsApp Easily

Before changing a WhatsApp group’s name, ensure you have the latest version of the WhatsApp app installed on your device. In addition, make sure you are an admin of the group whose name you want to change. If you meet both requirements, you’re ready to rename. Let’s look at the process for mobile and web.

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1. Via Mobile Phone

Here are the steps to change a group name using WhatsApp on your smartphone:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and Select Group

  • First, launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Once opened, you’ll see your various chat windows – tap into the group you want to rename.

This takes you into the group’s chat window, where you can view messages and members.

How To Change Group Name In WhatsApp Mobile Phone

Step 2: Access Group Info Menu

  • With the group chat open, tap on the current group name at the very top of the screen.
  • Alternatively, you can tap and hold the group chat and then choose ‘Group info’.

Both options will bring up the Group Info menu, where you can view details and make changes.

How To Change Group Name In WhatsApp

Step 3: Tap on Group Name to Edit

  • In the Group Info screen, tap on the pencil/edit icon next to the group name.
  • If you don’t see a pencil icon, tap the 3-dot menu at the top and choose ‘Change group subject’.

This will allow you to delete or edit the current group name.

How To Change Group Name In WhatsApp Via Mobile Phone

Step 4: Enter and Save a New Name

  • Delete the current name and type in the new name you want for the group.
  • Once finished, tap OK or the save/tick button to confirm the changes.
How To Change Group Name In WhatsApp Via Mobile

That’s it! The group name will change across the chat for all members. And just like that, you’ve successfully changed the group name in just a few taps using WhatsApp on mobile. Next, let’s look at the web process.

2. Via WhatsApp Web

If you use WhatsApp on your computer’s browser, here are the steps to update a group’s name:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Web and Group Chat

  • Go to web.whatsapp.com to access WhatsApp on the web.
  • Once logged in, open the specific group chat you want to rename.

You’ll see the current group name at the very top of the chat window.

How To Change Group Name In WhatsApp Web

Step 2: Click on Current Group Name

  • Hover over the group name visible at the top of the chat window.
  • Click on the name to pull up options to edit the group info.
How To Change Group Name In WhatsApp Via Web Browser

Step 3: Update and Confirm New Name

  • Delete the existing name and type in your new preferred group name.
  • Click the green tick icon to the right to save the changes.
How To Change Group Name In WhatsApp Via Web

The new name will instantly be updated across the group chat. Easy!

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Tips To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Group Name

Let’s take a look at the things that you should keep in mind when choosing a new name for your WhatsApp group:

  • Keep the Name relevant – Pick a name that fits with the purpose of the group or its members, as it helps avoid confusion.
  • Group names shouldn’t be long – Long names look messy and are tough to read. You should stick to 1 to 4 words maximum.
  • The group name should be creative – You can come up with fun, unique names using puns, lyrics, TV show references, or inside jokes.
  • Avoid spammy names – Don’t use names that are repetitive, contain only emojis/characters, or look spammy.
  • Update group name regularly – Consider freshening up the name every so often as the group evolves and new members join in.


1) Who can change the WhatsApp group name?

In any WhatsApp group, only the admins have permission to change the group’s name.

2) Is there a limit to how long the group name can be?

 Yes, WhatsApp only allows up to 100 characters for group names, but it’s better to keep the group name short and simple.

3) Can I use emojis or special characters in the group name?

You can use them but don’t make them the only characters in the name.

4) How many members can be added to a WhatsApp Group?

A total of around 256 participants can only be added to a particular group.

5) Can you change the group icon in WhatsApp?

Yes! You can easily change the WhatsApp group icon and keep something fun!


Easy, right? Well, now you can be creative yet simple in order to keep a group name on WhatsApp. You can even hold a poll and decide on a perfect group name. Whatever group name you pick, just make sure everyone can relate to it. If you’ve any doubts, then feel free to drop them in the comment section below. Need more content like this? Well, we will keep you posted!

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