Looking for how to change mobile number in Paytm? We have got you covered. In today’s digital era, many of our daily tasks and transactions have shifted to online platforms. Paytm has become a popular choice for payments, investments, and more. Naturally, as users, we need the flexibility to update personal details like mobile numbers for various reasons such as – a network switch, device upgrade, or others.

Fortunately, here’s a comprehensive guide with step-by-step procedures to change your mobile number in Paytm account seamlessly, whether you have access to your old number or not. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Things to Keep in Mind Before Changing Mobile Number In Paytm

In any case, the process of changing mobile number in Paytm is quite straightforward but before you do that keep these things in mind:

  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Your Paytm app should be updated to the latest version.
  • Have your old number for verification (if accessible).
  • Personal details and KYC documents ready (if required).
  • Customer support numbers/helpdesk details are handy.

Now let’s take a look at the detailed steps on changing your Paytm mobile number, whether you still have access to your old number or not.

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How to Change Mobile Number in Paytm (Using Old Phone Number)

Changing your mobile number in Paytm is super easy if you still have access to your old number registered on your Paytm account. Follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Log into your Paytm account with your old registered mobile number.

Step 2: Go to the Profile section and click on the Edit option.

How to Change Mobile Number in Paytm Method

Step 3: Enter your new 10-digit mobile number in the designated field.

How to Change Mobile Number in Paytm Methods

Step 4: Click on Save to proceed.

How to Change Mobile Number in Paytm Steps

Step 5: Verify the update by entering the OTP received on both old and new mobile numbers.

How to Change Mobile Number in Paytm

And you are done! The number change process is completed swiftly.

However, if your new mobile number is already registered on another Paytm account, please log out of that account first. Then log in to your account with the old number and follow the above steps to change your registered Paytm mobile number.

How to Change Mobile Number in Paytm Without Old Number

What if you have lost access to your old number linked with the Paytm account for any reason? Do not worry; you can still change the mobile number in Paytm through the in-app support process.

Step 1: Open the Paytm App and go to the 24×7 Help section.

How to Change Mobile Number in Paytm Easy Steps

Step 2: Go to Profile Settings and click ‘I want to update my phone number’.

How to Change Mobile Number in Paytm Easy Guide

Step 3: Enter your old Paytm registered number and click on ‘No’ when asked if you have access.

How to Change Mobile Number in Paytm Easy Method

Step 4: Tap on the Message Us button to raise a change request.

How to Change Mobile Number in Paytm Guide Explained

Step 5: Fill in details like old number, registered email ID, and KYC documents (if applicable) as proof.

Step 6: Upload your picture for identification and state clearly that you cannot access the old number.

Step 7: Provide old device details and new number, then submit details and wait for verification.

So, by providing accurate information and following the defined protocol, you can seamlessly update your Paytm mobile number even without access to the old number.

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How to Change Mobile Number in Paytm If You Don’t Have Access

Here are two other quick ways to change your mobile number in Paytm if you cannot access your old mobile number registered on Paytm:

Method 1: Visit the Nearest Paytm Service Center

  • Locate the nearest Paytm service centre for an assisted change of mobile number.
  • Carry identification documents for in-person verification.
  • Get a new SIM activated after the due verification process.

Method 2: Call the Paytm Support Helpline

  • Call the Paytm helpdesk/support helpline numbers.
  • Explain the requirement to update the mobile number.
  • Provide necessary personal details over the call.
  • Get OTP-based activation done for a new number.

So, at your convenience, you can visit the service centres or call the helplines for further assistance.

Change Mobile Number in Paytm Guide

Steps to Take After Changing Paytm Mobile Number

Once your number change request is processed and approved after due verification, take the following steps:

1. Re-login and Verify Details

  • Log out and log in again with your updated mobile number.
  • Cross-check personal details for accuracy.
  • Update the changed number wherever applicable, such as bank accounts, linked wallets, etc.

2. Secure Your Account

Along with the change in the mobile number, also take measures to enhance security:

  • Set a new strong password with a mix of characters.
  • Enable Two-factor authentication.
  • Get your account fully KYC-registered if it is not already.

These tips will help prevent misuse by unauthorized access.

Change Mobile Number in Paytm Method

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1) Will my past balances and transaction history be affected if I change my Paytm registered number?

No, a change of mobile number will not impact your account balance, wallet balances, or past transaction history.

2) What details do I need to provide if I don’t have access to my old number?

You need to submit KYC documents, registered email ID, device details, old number, and pictures for identification to successfully change your number if you cannot access the old one.

3) Can someone else misuse my old number to access my Paytm account?

It is unlikely as Paytm has robust security mechanisms, but do not share confidential login details and set new strong passwords when you update your number as a best practice.


Changing your registered Paytm mobile number is now easy, whether you can access the old number or not. Follow the step-by-step guides this article covers, depending on your specific scenario. Do not hesitate to contact the Paytm helpdesk via calls or visits for any assistance.

Additionally, be vigilant about account security by setting new passwords and enabling security features on your profile. So go ahead and seamlessly update your new mobile number with Paytm in minutes!

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