You would have clearly heard the term ‘UPI’ multiple times before, but do you know exactly what is UPI? It is a well-liked payment technique that is accessible through a smartphone or a feature phone. UPI has been developed by the National Payments Corporation Of India [NPCI] and is regulated by the Reserve Bank Of India [RBI]. It allows us to transfer funds right away from one bank account to another instantly, free of cost, and only our mobile number on the device needs to be registered with the bank.

We can generate our eccentric UPI ID on our chosen UPI application. As it has already proved to be a boon for its hassle-free experience, we now need not worry about stopping at our banking location to generate our UPI ID. It is now becoming the most preferred form of digital payment. Here we will be talking about how you can change your UPI ID in Paytm if you need to. So, let’s get started!

Reasons To Change Your UPI ID In Paytm

Increasing digitization increases the risk of fraud and financial difficulties. This leads to one of the major concerns of individuals doing online money transactions to protect and guard their safety against fraud and scams.

Unlike many other online platforms, Paytm is a safe yet convenient UPI app with all its UPI payments secured. Here are some reasons to change your UPI ID in Paytm.

  1. Paytm keeps all your UPI ID details updated with the bank and alerts your bank immediately if it finds something surprising.
  2. Paytm never shares UPI IDs with anyone. It also has two-factor authentication, so that fraudsters are unable to access your device, it completely restricts them from making unauthorized transactions.
  3. UPI ID in Paytm helps you to recharge your mobile and offers cashback and discounts on every payment. It also helps you to pay home utility bills, loans, EMIs, and so on.

How To Easily Change UPI ID In Paytm? Detailed & Easy Steps!

How To Change UPI ID In Paytm

Before proceeding, open the Paytm app on your device. You can install it from Google Play or the iOS app store; also, make sure that you are logged in to your Paytm account. To change your UPI ID in the Paytm app, you need to follow these quick, simple steps as mentioned below!

Step 1: After installing and logging into it, tap on the ‘Profile’ icon at the top left corner of the screen on the app.

How To Easily Change UPI ID In Paytm Steps

Step 2: The next step is to tap on ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Payment Settings’, which you will be able to see under the profile section. You can also enter payment settings by just clicking on three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the Paytm app and tapping on ‘Settings’.

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Step 3: Now after clicking on the ‘payment settings’ option, select the UPI option.

Step 4: You must ensure that you have a strong internet or Wi-Fi connection before proceeding further. In this step, you must be very careful; under the UPI ID section, you can see an option that says ‘Manage UPI IDs’. Click on it.

How To Easily Change UPI ID In Paytm Easily

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Step 5: Next, when you see the ‘Manage UPI IDs’ screen, click on the option ‘Add New UPI ID’.

How To Easily Change UPI ID In Paytm Detailed & Easy Steps!

Step 6: You can sum up to two UPI IDs to your Paytm account, and if it is already added to your account, you are then required to delete one to add a new one.

Step 7: Select the desired UPI ID that you want to set as your main ID. Click on the ‘Proceed’ button. Choose any of your existing UPI IDs or add a new one. Make sure you select the ID that you want to use as your primary ID.

How To Easily Change UPI ID In Paytm Detailed Steps!

Step 8: Finally, you will receive a verified message on your screen; click on ‘OK’ to confirm the changes.

How To Easily Change UPI ID In Paytm

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Benefits & Features Of UPI ID

Along with an easy registration journey and a simple process of making online payments, UPI ID also offers us multiple benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them!

  1. UPI transactions are secured with multi-layered authentication, fingerprints, and pattern locks so that our financial information remains completely sheltered and secured.
  2. A key feature of UPI ID is that we can send money within seconds to our beneficiaries. This eliminates the need for lengthy wait times as all transfers occur in real time.
  3. As there is no minimum transaction limit, it is best for us to conduct our day-to-day daily transactions with merchants or vendors.
  4. UPI ID also provides us with an extensive possibility to do transactions without an internet connection or smartphone. To transfer funds offline, we are required to send a certain text message to initiate the transaction.
  5. Payments made through UPI are not affected by bank holidays. We can transfer it anytime regardless of non-banking hours or days.


We hope this complete guide will help you out while creating or changing your UPI ID in Paytm, as it gives you a great understanding of UPI ID transactions in just quick, simple, and easy steps. Since UPI ID is one of the most essential steps in performing a UPI transaction, you always need to maintain proper safety measures while transferring money through online mediums.

Paytm is definitely the Best UPI app where all your confidential details are secured and helps you to change or remove your UPI ID effortlessly. We highly recommend you give it a try and enjoy the various advantages it offers for seamless transactions.


1) Are UPI transactions completely safe?

As per the NPCI, UPI is a safe and secure platform for carrying out cashless transactions.

2) Can we use UPI without a bank account?

No. You will need a bank account to use a UPI.

3) Is a debit card compulsory for UPI?

No. You can also use UPI without a debit card, but you will need your Aadhar card that is linked to your bank account.

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