Wondering how to change your UPI PIN in Paytm smoothly? Here, we will be talking about along few other important details you should know about. Paytm has revolutionized digital payments in India with UPI, enabling instant bank transfers using a mobile number or UPI ID. For secure transactions, you need to create a UPI PIN, which can also be changed easily in Paytm.

A UPI PIN is important to keep your account safe from fraud and more. We will be helping you keep your account safe as this article provides a detailed guide to changing your Paytm UPI PIN for enhanced security. So, let’s get started!

Why Is UPI PIN Important For Paytm Transactions?

How To Change UPI PIN In Paytm?

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A UPI PIN acts as your digital signature for authenticating transactions and is:

  1. A 4 or 6-digit highly confidential code.
  2. Mandatory requirement for authorizing all UPI payments and transfers.
  3. Ensures transaction security and prevents fraudulent activities.
  4. It should never ever be shared with anyone to maintain privacy.
  5. Without a PIN, others can misuse your UPI ID for transfers.

Thus, the UPI PIN plays the most critical role in enhancing the security of Paytm transactions and maintaining the complete confidentiality of your funds.

Common Scenarios for Changing Paytm UPI PIN

Here are some usual situations when you should change your Paytm UPI PIN:

1. You Forgot The Existing UPI PIN

  • The reset process allows you to recover and change the forgotten PIN.
  • Use the last 6 digits of your debit card and OTP to set a new PIN.

2. Enhance Security Proactively

  • Change UPI PIN every 2-3 months periodically.
  • Prevents misuse even if credentials are compromised.

3. Using Paytm On A New Mobile Device

  • Downloaded the Paytm app on a new phone.
  • Generate a new unique UPI PIN as a security precaution.
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How To Change Paytm UPI PIN On Paytm Easily

Follow these simple steps to change your configured UPI PIN on the Paytm app:

Step 1: Access Profile & Settings Menu

  • Open the Paytm app on your phone.
  • Tap on the profile picture and enter Settings.
How To Easily Change UPI ID In Paytm Steps

Step 2: Navigate To The UPI & Banks Section

  • Locate the UPI and Linked Bank Accounts section.
  • Identify the bank account whose PIN you want to change.
How To Change UPI PIN In Paytm Easily

Step 3: Tap On The ‘Change UPI PIN’ Option

  • Initiate the PIN change process.
  • Select the relevant bank account for PIN change.
How To Change UPI PIN Paytm

Step 4: Provide Details And Set A New PIN

  • Enter the last 6 digits of the debit card and the expiry date.
  • Create a new 4 or 6-digit UPI PIN of your choice.
How To Change UPI PIN In Paytm Now

Step 5: Confirm The Changed UPI PIN

  • You will receive a confirmation notification.
  • Start using a new PIN for all transactions.

Thus, the process to change Paytm UPI PIN is quick and uncomplicated.

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Tips for Better UPI PIN Management

Here are some important tips for using your changed Paytm UPI PIN securely:

  1. Memorize the PIN instead of noting it down which is risky.
  2. Proactively change the PIN every 2-3 months for improved security.
  3. Use different complex PINs for different payment apps and accounts.
  4. Avoid using birth dates, or anniversary dates as a PIN.
  5. Do not set obvious number patterns like 1234 or 0000 as a PIN.


Changing your UPI PIN periodically is highly recommended to enhance the security of Paytm transactions. Use the detailed guide provided above to seamlessly change your existing Paytm UPI PIN in a few simple steps. Never share the new confidential PIN with anyone for safe digital payments.

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