You can make your WhatsApp keyboard more attractive and colourful. Just like you make changes in WhatsApp camera settings, you can change the keyboard settings, too. The keyboard is an integral part of WhatsApp especially. 

Keeping the right theme on the keyboard lets you see the alphabet and makes your chats error-free. Now, to understand how to change the WhatsApp keyboard? You just need to go through the below steps, and your keyboard will change.

Change Your WhatsApp Keyboard Theme In 8 Easy Steps!

How To Change The WhatsApp Keyboard Theme Right Now

You can now change your WhatsApp keyboard theme easily in just a few steps. Let’s make your chatting experience more fun!

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Step 1 – Open WhatsApp: To make any changes to WhatsApp settings, you have to first go to WhatsApp. Click on it and open the App.

Change The WhatsApp Keyboard Theme In 8 Easy Steps

Step 2 – Choose the chat: After you open WhatsApp. Go to any contacts chat page. Click on it. Then, the chat page will appear on your screen.

Step 3 – Click on Message Box: Next, go to the message box. Then click on the messages box so that the keyboard appears on your screen.

Change The WhatsApp Keyboard Theme In Easy Steps

Step 4 – Click on the Settings icon: Once the keyboard appears on your screen. You can spot a settings icon on the top of the keyboard. Click on the Settings icon and open it.

How To Change The WhatsApp Keyboard Theme Now

Step 5 – Click on Themes: Once the settings open, then go to the option of Theme. Click on the option and open the theme.

Change The WhatsApp Keyboard Theme

Step 6 – Choose the Theme: Now, you can see various options for the theme. You can see some options in My Theme and Default Theme.

  • You can select the theme according to your taste from any options.
  • Just click on the selected theme.
How To Change The WhatsApp Keyboard Theme

Step 7 – Click on Apply to change the keyboard: Once you choose the theme, you can see an Apply tab appearing on your screen. You have to click on Apply to change the keyboard theme.

How To Change The WhatsApp Keyboard Theme In Easy Steps

Step 8 – Keyboard changed: Your keyboard theme will change immediately. A whole new keyboard replaces the old keyboard. Now, the new theme keyboard will appear whenever you chat on WhatsApp with someone.

How To Change The WhatsApp Keyboard Theme In 8 Easy Steps

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Using Third-Party Keyboards On WhatsApp

Using Third-Party Keyboards

Apart from the default WhatsApp keyboard, you can download and use third-party keyboard apps for a more customized typing experience:

  1. On your Android device, go to the Play Store and search for keyboard apps like Gboard, SwiftKey, TouchPal, etc.
  2. Download a keyboard app that provides the features you want like glide typing, voice input, predictive text, etc.
  3. After installing the app, open it and follow the setup prompts to make it your default keyboard.
  4. You may need to enable permissions and tweak settings to optimize the keyboard functionality.
  5. Now when you open WhatsApp and tap on a chat box, you will see the keyboard switcher option.
  6. Choose your new third-party keyboard from the list and it will seamlessly integrate with WhatsApp.
  7. These customizable keyboards provide way more themes, fonts, layouts, and sizes to personalize your typing.
  8. You can become a faster, more efficient typist using smart features like next-word prediction and glide typing.
  9. Switch between different third-party keyboards to find the one that suits your messaging style.

The advantage of using a third-party app is the variety of options and the ability to completely tailor your typing experience.

WhatsApp Keyboard Stickers & Emojis

In order to make your WhatsApp chats more fun, you can use many interesting stickers and emojis from the keyboard, too. Let’s take a look at how:

  • When you open any chat, tap on the emoji icon to see hundreds of emojis.
WhatsApp Keyboard Emojis
  • You can add these emojis just like text to show your feelings in a nice way.
  • To get stickers, tap the stickers icon near the text box and choose a pack you like.
WhatsApp Keyboard Stickers & Emojis Guide
  • Many sticker packs are there for festivals, movies, etc., with cool designs.
  • If you want more stickers, tap the + sign and download extra packs from the Play Store.
WhatsApp Keyboard Stickers & Emojis
  • For events like Friendship Day, Diwali, and Christmas, you will get suitable stickers.
  • You can even create custom stickers using your own photos!
  • Use stickers and emojis a lot to make your chats enjoyable and expressive, my friends.

So try these fun keyboard options and make your WhatsApp talks more interesting!

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Customizing your WhatsApp keyboard can greatly improve your chatting experience and allow you to put your unique stamp. Follow the simple steps to change the keyboard theme, text formatting, stickers, and emojis as per your preference. 

Experiment with third-party keyboard apps as well for even more custom options. Personalize your keyboard to make messaging faster, more efficient, and more fun.

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