Amazon Pay Later, formerly known as Amazon EMI, allows you to make purchases on Amazon and pay for them over 3-6 month instalment plans. It is a convenient way to buy expensive items without paying everything upfront. 

However, you may reach a point where you want to close the Amazon Pay Later account if you no longer need the service. Some key reasons to close your account are that you have paid all outstanding dues, want to limit overspending, or no longer shop frequently on Amazon.

You can easily close your account even if you’re facing financial difficulties. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to close your Amazon Pay Later account. So, let’s get started!

How to Close Amazon Pay Later Account (2 Easy Methds)

How to Close Amazon Pay Later Account Guide

You can close your Amazon Pay Later account by contacting Amazon customer service through various channels:

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Method 1: Send an Email Request to Close the Account

The easiest way to close your Amazon Pay Later account is to send an email request directly:

Step 1: Open Your Email Account

First, open your preferred email service from your computer or smartphone. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.

Step 2: Compose New Email

Click on the compose button to start a new email. Then, enter the Amazon Loan Department’s email address – [email protected] – in the recipient field.

How to Close Amazon Pay Later Account Easy Steps

Step 3: Specify Subject Line

The subject line of your email should be ‘Deactivate My Amazon Pay Later’. This will indicate the purpose of your email.

How to Close Amazon Pay Later Account Easy Step

Step 4: Provide Account Details in the Email

In the email body, specify your registered email address and full name associated with your Amazon account, along with your contact number. Provide complete purchase details for which you used Amazon Pay Later.

How to Close Amazon Pay Later Account Steps

Step 5: Request Account Closure

Clearly state that you want to close the Amazon Pay Later account permanently and wish to deactivate the EMI facility. Give any additional details if asked by the customer service team.

How to Close Amazon Pay Later Account Easy Guide

Step 6: Send the Email

Finally, proofread your email and click send. The Amazon team will usually process your request to close the account within 5-7 working days.

Method 2: Contact Amazon Customer Service

Apart from the email method, you can directly call or chat with an Amazon customer representative to close Amazon Pay Later:

1. Call Amazon Customer Service

  • Dial the Amazon customer care number and provide your registered contact number or email ID for verification.
  • Explain that you wish to close the Amazon Pay Later account.
  • Answer any additional questions asked by the representative.
  • Note down the ticket number received for future reference.

2. Chat with Amazon Customer Support

  • Log in to your Amazon account on a laptop or desktop.
  • Click on the ‘Help’ option to initiate a live chat session.
  • Briefly explain to the executive that you want to deactivate your Amazon Pay Later account. The chat executive will process your request and intimate your account closure through email.
How to Close Amazon Pay Later Account Method

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Method 3: Contact Your Lender

For Amazon Pay Later, your lender can be banks like Axis or HDFC instead of Amazon directly. In that case, contact your respective lender bank to close Amazon Pay Later account:

1. Axis Bank Customers

2. HDFC Bank Customers

Explain your problem and provide the necessary account details to customer care to initiate account closure.

Amazon Pay Later Account Closure Process

Once you have placed an account closure request through the above channels, here is the typical process:

  • Amazon will first freeze your account temporarily for transactions.
  • There will be a pending closure status for 5-7 working days.
  • You may need to follow up if there are any pending transactions.
  • Finally, Amazon will inform you of your account closure through email confirmation.

The account deactivation may take 15-30 days after the initial confirmation by Amazon. This duration depends on:

  • Repaying all outstanding EMIs and dues.
  • Impact assessment and approvals from the lender bank.

If you have a significant outstanding amount, pay it immediately to expedite closure. After complete closure, your credit score will gradually recover in the long term.

How To Increase Amazon Pay Later Limit Steps

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Alternatives to Closing Account

Instead of completely closing your Amazon Pay Later account, you can take other less extreme measures like:

  1. Convert to Standard EMI: Change your account to a regular EMI with longer tenure and lower monthly payments.
  2. Pay Total Outstanding Amount: Clear all your dues immediately and request to limit your account only up to the approved limit. It will restrict further transactions.
  3. Limit Further Transactions: Temporarily freeze your account or set a very low account limit, like ₹500, with customer service assistance.

These methods will limit the usage of your account without fully closing it in case you may need it in the future.


1. Can I reopen my closed account

No, once your Amazon Pay Later account is permanently closed, you cannot reopen the same account again. However, you can always apply afresh later.

2. Will closing my Amazon Pay account affect my credit score?

When your account is first closed, there may be a small drop in score, around 20-30 points if there were defaults. But in a 6-12 month duration, your score will gradually improve, provided other existing loans and credit cards are managed well. Ensure that outstanding EMIs are cleared before account closure.

3. Is there any charge or fee for closing the account?

No, you can close your Amazon Pay Later account without paying any account termination fee or charges.


We have covered a step-by-step process to close your Amazon Pay Later account through various channels and approximate timelines. Some alternatives without full account closure are also discussed. Go through the complete post and take the necessary actions for a smooth account closure process. Contact Amazon customer care or your lender for clarifications.

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