Myntra is one of India’s premier online shopping destinations for fashion and lifestyle products. However, for certain reasons like privacy reasons, platform switch, or general account cleanup, you may wish to delete Myntra account and close your Myntra account due to privacy reasons.

Unlike most websites. Myntra does not have a self-service account deletion option. You need to directly contact their customer support to remove accounts. This guide covers the exact step-by-step process to delete your Myntra account securely and permanently.

Things To Do Before Deleting Myntra Account Permanently

How to Delete Myntra Account Steps

Before contacting Myntra support for account deletion, please ensure the following:

  1. You are logged into your Myntra account via mobile app or desktop site. Customer support will first authenticate identity before processing closure requests.
  2. You have canceled any orders that are pending or yet to be dispatched. Myntra does not close accounts with ongoing transactions due to accounting complexities.
  3. There are no refunds initiated or Myntra wallet credits being processed. Clear out refunds fully before submitting a removal request.

Meeting these prerequisites allows quick and smooth account deletion without issues.

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How To Delete Myntra Account Permanently In 6 Easy Steps

Here are the detailed steps which you can follow to delete Myntra account easily:

Step 1: Initiate contact via Myntra app chat, call, or email (as covered earlier).

Step 2: Politely, but communicate to support your requirement of permanently deleting your Myntra user account.

Step 3: If contacted via call/chat, wait during the call as the agent processes the account deactivation from their end.

Step 4: The support representative will get back to you once your Myntra account deletion is successfully completed.

Step 5: If raising a deletion request via email, wait for Myntra’s support team to respond, confirming account removal after they process your request.

Step 6: Note that deletion confirmation responses may arrive via email, even for in-app/call requests.

That completes the overall process. Remember some implications of account removal, which will be covered in the coming next sections.

Alternative Methods To Deleting Mynta Account: Contact Myntra Support

How to Delete Myntra Account Guide

To submit Myntra account closure requests, you will need to contact their customer support team directly. There are three ways to get in touch with them:

Method 1: Via In-App Chat

The easiest way is to initiate a chat from within Myntra’s Android or iOS mobile app. Just tap your profile → Help Center → Contact Us. Then, choose the Chat option to interact with a support rep and have them process account removal.

Method 2: Via Call Support

Alternatively, you can directly call Myntra’s support number 1800-103-6969 from your mobile phone to speak with an agent. Explain your requirements, and they will delete your account after verifying the details.

Method 3: Via Email

Lastly, send an email request to Myntra Customer Support at [email protected] from your registered account address. Clearly state your requirement for permanent account deletion in the email body. The support team will take action within 1 business day.

Why You May Want To Delete Your Myntra Account?

How to Delete Myntra Account

Some common scenarios that require Myntra account closure include:

  • You no longer want to shop at Myntra due to a bad experience or switching preference to another website. Discontinuing use means no need to keep the account open.
  • Marketing communications from Myntra are getting annoying despite opting out. Closing the account is the only way, as emails and SMSes continue based on past transactions.
  • You worry that Myntra has security issues or data leaks. Account removal eliminates any further risks on that front regarding your personal information.
  • You wish to create a fresh new account to avail of any new buyer incentives or coupons not permitted for existing users.

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Implications of Myntra Account Deletion

How to Delete Myntra Account Easy Guide

Once your Myntra account is fully deleted by their support team, here are 5 critical data and access implications to be aware of:

1. Order History and Transaction Details Erased

Your entire past purchase history, invoices, item details, and delivery addresses get wiped out along with account removal. So save important records beforehand.

2. Saved Payment Methods Removed

Any credit/debit cards, net banking, digital wallets, or UPI IDs you added for faster checkouts get dissociated from closed accounts. The actual payment instruments with banks, however, persist.

3. Saved Addresses Get Deleted

All frequently used mailing addresses and labels with your name/number you may have saved for shipping ease are erased permanently.

4. The Account Cannot Be Reactivated

Once Myntra supports action account removal from their end, there is no way to retract or roll back deletion. You cannot log in anymore or restore any past transaction history.

5. Creating New Account Still Possible

While the closed account itself with all history is permanently gone, you can still create a brand new Myntra account afresh with a different email/mobile number if you wish to transact again.

So, if you need purchase records for taxes or returns, remember to save invoices before deletion. Financial payments themselves via bank/cards, however, persist externally.


In summary, Myntra does not offer self-account deletion capabilities. You need to directly contact their customer support via in-app chat, call, or email to submit account removal requests. The process is quick and simple for smooth permanent closure; just ensure prerequisite steps are completed beforehand.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional suggestions to improve this guide on securely deleting your Myntra account. I appreciate constructive feedback to enhance quality.

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