Paytm has become the most popular digital wallet in India, with millions of transactions processed through it every single day. From online shopping to splitting bills, Paytm makes sending and receiving money incredibly convenient. However, many users want to delete their Paytm transaction history entirely for privacy reasons or to start fresh with a clean slate.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to remove your Paytm history in the app itself. But in this guide, we will discuss various effective methods to delete your Paytm transaction logs and purchase history. So, keep on reading!

Why You May Want To Delete Paytm Transaction History

Why You May Want To Delete Paytm Transaction History

There are a few key reasons why you may want to delete your Paytm transaction history:

  • Privacy Concerns: Some users are uncomfortable storing records of all their purchases and transfers online, especially if the transaction history contains sensitive or personal information. Deleting this data provides peace of mind.
  • Gifting Account: If you want to gift your Paytm account to a family member or friend, you’ll probably want to remove your personal transaction history first. This allows them to start fresh.
  • Hiding Transactions: You may wish to hide certain transactions from specific people who can access your phone and Paytm app. Removing them from your history ensures privacy.
  • Fresh Slate: Deleting all old records provides a clean slate to maintain a decluttered account and clearly separate financial records into different periods or chapters.
  • Regain Control Over Data: Taking steps to eliminate your transaction history can be part of an overall effort to regain control over your personal data.

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How To Delete Transaction History In Paytm!

Here we will be talking about how you can easily delete transaction history in Paytm using the methods mentioned below. We will briefly talk about all those steps so you can understand them easily. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Delete Your Paytm Account

This is the most thorough method to reset your Paytm account with no history:

  • Firstly you need to open your Paytm App.
  • Then go to Profile and there select Help and Support.
Delete Your Paytm Account Step by Step
  • After selecting help and support, you need to go to the profile settings.
Deleting your paytm account profile settings
  • Then select – need to close/delete my account.
  • Select an issue that describes your problem.
Describe your paytm account issue
  • Then you will see a box where you will need to fill in some information, Write there and just click Send, and you will be done.
Delete your paytm account using help

Select the appropriate reason for deactivation: forgot password, too many issues, want to close account etc. Afterwards, your account will be deactivated, and all transaction history will be erased. You can create a new Paytm account with the same mobile number for a fresh start.

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Step 2: Secure Your Paytm Account

If you want to retain your account but prevent others from accessing your history, then simply keep in mind these factors:

  • Set a strong password and change it regularly.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for extra security.
  • Avoid saving your Paytm password in your browser.
  • Never share login details with others.

You can easily follow these practices that will keep your Paytm account secure and maintain privacy.

Step 3: Delete Specific Transactions Via Customer Support

Delete Specific Paytm Transactions Via Customer Support

In order to remove a few selected transactions from your Paytm history using the help of customer support, you need to:

  • Firstly open the Paytm app, then click on the profile icon, which should be at the top left section of the app.
  • After that, you will see a Help and Support option.
  • Then simply select the transaction you want to delete.
  • Select an issue that fits your reason for removal.
  • Tap “Message Us” and provide the reason for deletion.
  • The transaction will be hidden from your history within 24 hours.

You can repeat this for multiple transactions you want to remove. Response time may vary.


While Paytm does not have a built-in “delete history” option, you can take control of your transaction data through account deletion, securing your account, and contacting customer support. Permanently deleting your Paytm account provides the most thorough clean slate.

But you can also selectively remove transactions you want to be kept private. So, take action to keep your Paytm history and account safe from unauthorized access; as we all know, our financial data and privacy cannot be neglected.


1) Can I restore my account after deleting it?

Yes, you can reactivate your account after deletion to restore it. The transaction history will also return.

2) Can I remove KYC details from my Paytm account?

Yes, you can replace your KYC details with new ones by completing verification again.

3) Is it possible to delete UPI transaction history?

Yes, the process is the same. Just follow the steps outlined above to remove Paytm UPI transactions as well.

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