CRED is a popular credit card bill payment and rewards platform. As with any financial service, customer support becomes crucial in case of disputes or issues. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how CRED users can reach out for complaint resolution across available channels – in-app, email, and WhatsApp. 

Little About CRED’s Customer Support Framework 

How to Burn CRED Coins Guide

CRED offers the following avenues for customer queries and complaints: 

  • In-app support chat – Available within the CRED app interface.
  • Email [email protected] 
  • WhatsApp – +91 8860 998 860 

It is important to assess the complaint’s urgency and use the appropriate channel. Chat and WhatsApp work for immediate assistance. Emails are suited for logging detailed grievances requiring investigation. 

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How to Complain To CRED Via App?

The CRED app has an inbuilt ‘Get Support’ feature to contact customer care:

Step 1: Open the CRED App and sign in. 

Step 2: Tap on your profile picture.

How to Complain to CRED Guide

Step 3: Choose the ‘Get Support’ option.

Step 4: Select the inquiry type as ‘Complaint.’ 

Step 5: Pick the appropriate complaint sub-category. 

Step 6: Share clear details of your negative experience. 

Step 7: Specify your expectation or desired resolution. 

Step 8: Submit after carefully reviewing the complaint details. 

This logs your grievance with CRED’s customer support team for necessary action. Follow-up over notifications. 

Emailing Your Complaint to CRED 

To submit complaints over email: 

  • Send it to [email protected].
  • Include your registered Cred ID or registered mobile number. 
  • Specify complaint category (rewards, transaction dispute, etc).
  • Share complete details of the issue faced.
  • Attach supporting documents like screenshots. 
  • Clearly highlight expected resolution or support.

Maintain professional and formal language while complaining via email. Queries are assigned to relevant teams by customer care based on initial details. Follow-up after 2 days if there is no response. 

How to Complain to CRED Guide

Using WhatsApp for Quick Assistance 

CRED customers can start a WhatsApp chat at +91 8860 998 860 for real-time assistance. This is best suited for: 

  • Complaints need urgent redressal.
  • Seeking information on using CRED services. 
  • Checking reward point balance/details. 
  • Card activation or compatibility issues. 

The response is usually quicker over WhatsApp chat compared to email. However, chat history does not allow for documenting intricate details. Ensure follow-up regularly if the issue requires time for resolution. You can request to share a contact/complaint number for seamless tracking. 

How to Complain to CRED WhatsApp

What to Do If Your Complaint Is Not Resolved?

In case the complaints remain open even after contacting CRED customer support through multiple channels, consider the following: 

  • Internal Escalation – Request to mark the issue as urgent for a specialized team.
  • External Options – Approach consumer forums and social media.
  • Legal Routes – Send legal notice; file a consumer court case.

While legal recourse exists, it is advisable to first exhaust other options. Social media tagging often results in quicker responses from brands nowadays. 

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Tips for Successful Resolution 

To achieve effective CRED complaint resolution, consider the following: 

  1. Maintain Communication Records for follow-ups.
  2. Understand CRED’s Policies applicable to your issue.
  3. Check your exact T&C agreed while availing services.
  4. Avoid using Abusive Language in your complaint.
  5. Have Reasonable Expectations on the resolution process.

Documenting complaint interactions by saving chat transcripts or emails helps strengthen your case and smooth follow-ups later. 

Common Issues and How to Avoid Them?

Here are a bunch of issues you can encounter. But rest assured, it’s easier to avoid them.

1. Transaction Errors 

Many users face problems with transactions getting debited but orders not going through. This could result from payment gateway failures or bank server issues.

2. Incorrect Coin Deductions 

Instances have been reported about the redemption of CRED coins, but equivalent cashback is not being credited to the card. Results in coin balance depletion without benefit. 

3. Redemption Process Failures 

Cases have occurred where reward redemption was initiated, but the next steps for availing service/benefits not getting enabled or activated within the CRED app. 

These can be minimized by: 

  • Completing full KYC formalities.
  • Checking billing statements regularly. 
  • Updating the app to the latest version. 
  • Using fast/stable internet connectivity. 
How to Complain to CRED Steps


We hope this guide clarifies how to approach CRED customer care for effective complaint logging and resolution through appropriate channels. Timely grievance redressal improves the credibility of financial platforms. We encourage CRED users to freely provide constructive feedback for enhancing their services. Staying informed of the latest policies and troubleshooting basic issues also helps greatly.

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