Venmo has become a popular way for friends to transfer money or split expenses quickly. With over 60 million users, Venmo dominates as a leading peer-to-peer payment app. But before you can pay someone back or request money, you must first find their Venmo account.

Accurately searching for and locating people on Venmo is critical to seamless transactions. Whether you only have someone’s username or phone number, Venmo provides various techniques to connect with other users.

Essential Preliminaries

Venmo has a search function in the app that allows you to enter names, usernames, phone numbers or even scan QR codes to find user profiles. However, there are some limitations:

  • The person needs to have a Venmo account registered to be found.
  • Private profile settings can limit another user’s ability to search and find someone.
  • Syncing contacts or permissions may impact search functionality.

So, while very useful, finding someone’s Venmo account is not always guaranteed, depending on personal privacy configurations.

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Someone on Venmo

You can use a few main methods to try locating another person’s Venmo account.

Method 1: Using the Search Bar

The most straightforward approach is to look up a username in Venmo’s search bar manually:

STEP 1: Open the Venmo app and tap the spyglass icon

STEP 2: Type the exact username into the search bar


STEP 3: Review results and tap the correct profile to open it

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Tips for accuracy when entering usernames:

  • Usernames are case-insensitive but include special characters/symbols
  • Try alternate spellings or permutations if unsure
  • Use only first or last name if you can’t remember full username

Method 2: Contact List Integration

Syncing your contacts allows you to search for people you already know quickly:

STEP 1: Go to Settings > Manage Contacts


STEP 2: Enable access permissions for Venmo

STEP 3: Your contacts will automatically sync to the app

STEP 4: You can now search for synced contacts by name or phone number

Method 3: QR Code Scan Method

If you meet someone in person, you can instantly connect by scanning their unique QR code in Venmo:

STEP 1: Open Venmo and tap the QR code icon

STEP 2: Use your phone’s camera to scan their personal Venmo QR code

QR code

STEP 3: The app automatically opens a payment window with their details

STEP 4: Confirm it is the correct person and complete your transaction

QR codes provide the quickest way to find and interact with new Venmo connections face-to-face.

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Advanced Search Techniques

Advanced search techniques)

If basic search methods fail, you can try more advanced troubleshooting techniques.

Username Search

If you don’t know someone’s full username, try these tips:

  • Search for just first or last name
  • Check different spelling variations like nicknames or abbreviations
  • Try searching without spacing if there is a two-word username
  • View “People You May Know” suggestions based on your contacts and transaction activity
  • Use the filters to narrow between searching people, businesses or charities

Usernames must be unique on Venmo and can be changed over time, making them complicated to guess correctly. If unsure of spelling, your best approach may be to obtain the accurate username directly from that person first.

Phone Number Search

To search by phone number instead:

  • Enable contacts syncing permission
  • Update contact name spellings if incorrect
  • Manually enter a phone number into the search bar
  • Phone number searches rely on registered contact details

So, phone search success depends heavily on accurate name spellings and up-to-date numbers.

Troubleshooting Search Issues

Common reasons you may be unable to find someone on Venmo include:

  • They don’t have a Venmo account set up yet and need to register
  • Their privacy settings are turned on, limiting search visibility
  • You’ve entered an incorrect or misspelt username
  • Your contacts syncing permission isn’t fully enabled in your settings
  • Their phone number is outdated or registered under a different account

Check these elements on both ends and suggest the user adjust their visibility or privacy configurations if possible. Also, confirm you have accurate contact details and username spellings directly from new connections to avoid issues.

If the problem persists, you can try advanced username search tips like abbreviations, filtering between people/businesses, or browsing profile suggestions. But getting precise details for a search is the ultimate solution.

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Enhancing Your Venmo Search Experience

enhancing experience

You can improve your ability to find and be found by others on Venmo.

Adjusting Your Privacy Settings

Make your profile more visible on Venmo by:

  • Turning off private mode under settings
  • Enabling contacts and phone number sync permissions
  • Adding an accurate and identifiable profile photo
  • Keeping your username clean and unambiguous

Adjusting these facilitates other people finding you more easily. However, balance visibility with your desired privacy level on Venmo, depending on your comfort in sharing profile data or transaction activity.

Best Practices for Venmo Users

Additionally, proactively take these steps:

  • Keep your username, photo, and profile details updated
  • Responsibly use Venmo’s social features to tag transactions
  • Share your exact Venmo username when exchanging details with new people
  • Check your settings routinely to ensure contact access isn’t changed

Making it straightforward for others to identify or search for your account cuts down failed searches, removing a barrier to quick payments.


Finding a specific person’s Venmo account enables fast peer-to-peer money transfers. While privacy settings can complicate searchability, techniques like usernames, contacts, QR codes or troubleshooting tricks can help connect Venmo users. Responsibly utilising Venmo’s search functions allows for seamless transactions with friends, family or new acquaintances.

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