WhatsApp recently introduced built-in proxy support to help users access its service even if it’s blocked or banned. WhatsApp proxy servers allow users to access the media platform even if the government bans or discontinues it.

Users with unstable internet connections will benefit from this update since it makes it easier to use WhatsApp. A proxy server can ensure connectivity during internet shutdowns or when travelling abroad to blocked regions. Let’s understand WhatsApp’s new proxy capability and how to set it up.

What is WhatsApp Proxy & Why You Need It?

A WhatsApp proxy acts as an intermediary server that facilitates connecting to the WhatsApp service. It routes your traffic through an external channel to bypass restrictions. When you enable proxy server settings within WhatsApp, the app will relay all connectivity via the designated proxy instead of directly.

This allows accessing WhatsApp’s servers even if the app is banned, disrupted locally, or during regional internet blackouts.

 whatsapp proxy

Key reasons for using a WhatsApp proxy include:

  • Access WhatsApp if it’s banned or disrupted locally
  • Use WhatsApp if travelling abroad to blocked regions
  • Maintain connectivity during internet shutdowns
  • Improve connection speeds in some instances

Using an optimised proxy server only when required can significantly improve WhatsApp’s reliability.

How to Get Proxy for WhatsApp: Setup & Usage Explained

set up proxy server

Finding a Reliable Proxy Server

The best proxy servers for WhatsApp are:

  • Fast: Ensure low latency proxy connections for calling/messaging.
  • Secure: Encrypt proxy traffic end-to-end for safety.
  • Reliable: Choose reputable providers with minimum downtime.
  • Optimized: Select proxies optimised specifically for WhatsApp.

If WhatsApp access is disrupted in your area, you can use free public proxy servers to maintain connectivity. Here are 12 verified free proxy servers you can input into WhatsApp’s proxy settings when direct connections fail:

IP AddressPortCountrySpeed ArabiaSlow

These free proxies can be handy for quickly accessing WhatsApp without an internet connection during regional disruptions. Just input the IPs into WhatsApp’s proxy settings to connect.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Setup & Use Proxy For WhatsApp

Follow these exact steps to activate the proxy on WhatsApp:

On Android

STEP 1: Launch WhatsApp and tap on the 3-dot menu in the top right

STEP 2: Choose Settings and navigate to the Storage and Data option

STEP 3: Scroll down this menu, and you will find the Proxy setting

Set-up-a-Proxy-Server-for-Whatsapp on android

STEP 4: Toggle “Use Proxy” to the ON position to enable it

STEP 5: Tap on “Set Proxy” to input the proxy server details

STEP 6: Enter the IP address of your chosen proxy server

STEP 7: Input the corresponding port number

STEP 8: Tap OK to save

STEP 9: You will see a “Proxy set successfully” message when it connects

How-to-add-a-proxy-in-WhatsApp- android

You can now access WhatsApp via the configured proxy during internet disruptions.

On iPhone

STEP 1: Open WhatsApp and click on the Settings tab (gear icon)

STEP 2: Next, choose the Storage and Data menu

WhatsApp-proxy-step 1 iphone

STEP 3: Scroll down to locate the Proxy setting

STEP 4: Flip the toggle for Proxy to enable it

whatApp-proxy step 3 iphone

STEP 5: Tap on Proxy to reveal the manual server details input fields

STEP 6: Enter your selected proxy server IP address

step 5 iphone

STEP 7: Input the corresponding proxy port number

STEP 8: Tap Save to apply settings

step 8 iphone

STEP 9: You will see a confirmation that the Proxy is set

This will route your WhatsApp connectivity via the integrated proxy server on your iPhone.

Troubleshooting Common Proxy Issues

If you encounter problems connecting WhatsApp via a proxy, try these troubleshooting steps:

Connection Problems

If WhatsApp struggles to connect or frequently disconnects when using a proxy, try these fixes:

  • Recheck the proxy IP address and port inputs for typos
  • Toggle Airplane mode OFF and ON to re-initialize connections
  • Switch to backup proxy servers as needed for reliability
  • Reboot your phone to clear any network issues
  • Toggle WhatsApp’s proxy setting off and back on to reset

Maintain a list of tested backup proxy addresses if your primary proxy is disrupted.

Security Considerations

To maximise security when using a WhatsApp proxy:

  • Enable end-to-end chat encryption within WhatsApp
  • Avoid free proxies and choose reputable paid options
  • Use a VPN app together with the proxy for layered privacy
  • Check proxy logging policies to ensure your usage remains anonymous
  • Change proxies regularly to limit tracking from any single server

Usage Limits

Some free or cheap proxy services may impose usage limits such as:

  • Data volume limits per month – Track your usage to avoid disruptions
  • Timeout limits after periods of inactivity – Send periodic messages
  • Concurrent connection limits – Stagger usage during peak periods
  • Rate limits on requests per minute – Retry sending if errors occur

Check your proxy provider’s usage guidelines and upgrade plans if needed.

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Advanced Tips for Using Proxy With WhatsApp 

advanced tips

Performance Optimization

Using a proxy, WhatsApp’s functionality can be enhanced as follows:

  • Choose a WhatsApp proxy service optimized for traffic
  • Use proxy resources sparingly and limit non-critical transfers
  • Reduce redundant data usage by disabling auto-backup

Carefully manage proxy connections to maintain responsiveness.

Using Proxy on Multiple Devices

When activating a WhatsApp proxy:

  • Make sure the proxy is set up across every phone and tablet that you own
  • Scanning the QR code from the primary device with the proxy enabled will ensure consistency on WhatsApp Web

For uninterrupted access, ensure your proxy carries through to all endpoints.


With WhatsApp’s new built-in proxy feature, disrupted connection environments can be bypassed. Follow WhatsApp’s setup guides to seamlessly integrate a reliable proxy and optimize the usage for best performance. Your global connectivity remains secure this way. Have questions? Be sure to stay tuned!

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