Google Pay has become one of the most popular UPI-based payment apps. It offers an easy way to receive money into your account without sharing your bank details by just using a QR code. 

Google Pay gives each user a unique QR code linked to their bank account. Anyone can scan this code and transfer money directly to your account without needing your details like account number, IFSC code, etc.

QR codes provide a fast, convenient, and secure way to receive money through cashless transactions on Google Pay. Here, we will be talking about and showing you a step-by-step process to get the GPay QR code and also share it.

Prerequisites to Get Google Pay QR Code

To get a QR code for Google Pay, you need:

  • Google Pay app installed and set up on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • At least one bank account should be added to the Google Pay app.
  • If you have multiple bank accounts in the app, you can get different QR codes for each account.

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How To Get A QR Code For Google Pay?

Simply follow these six simple steps to get your QR code in the Google Pay app:

  • Open the Google Pay app and log in using your UPI PIN or fingerprint login for authentication.
How To Get A QR Code For Google Pay Guide
  • Tap on the profile icon located on the top right of the home screen.
How To Get A QR Code For Google Pay Steps
  • Next, select the ‘Bank Account’ option from the menu.
How To Get A QR Code For Google Pay Method
  • Choose the bank account in which you want to get payments via the QR code.
How To Get A QR Code For Google Pay Option
  • Now tap on the ‘Display QR Code’ button.
How To Get A QR Code For Google Pay Easily
  • Your unique QR code will appear on the screen with your name and email ID mentioned at the bottom.

By following the above process, you can easily generate a QR code for every bank account you have added to Google Pay.

How to Share Google Pay QR Code on WhatsApp?

Google Pay does not allow directly saving or exporting the QR code image. But you can follow these steps to share your GPay QR code via WhatsApp:

  • Open the QR code page in the Google Pay app and take a screenshot. You can hide any personal details visible in the screenshot if needed.
Google Pay QR Code
  • Save the edited screenshot containing just the QR code to your phone’s image gallery.
  • Open WhatsApp and go to the contact you want to share the GPay QR code with.
  • Tap on Attach > Image and select the QR code screenshot image from the gallery.
  • Hit the send button to share your Google Pay QR code with anyone on WhatsApp.

This provides an easy way to share your GPay QR code securely with contacts for receiving payments.

How To Create a Google Pay Business Account?

Merchants and businesses can also get a unique QR code by creating a Google Pay for Business account. To create a GPay business account, you need to enter details like:

  • Active bank account number
  • Account IFSC code
  • PAN card number

Follow these steps to get a business QR code:

  1. Download the Google Pay for Business app on your phone.
  2. Open the app and choose the ‘QR Code’ option when prompted.
  3. The app will generate a QR code containing your business account details.
  4. You can choose to download or directly share this QR code with customers.

The business GPay QR code gives a digital payment option for receiving money from customers.

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How To Download and Share QR Code?

For merchants and businesses using the Google Pay for Business app, the platform provides helpful options for managing the unique QR code:

  1. Download QR Code – The entrepreneur can download the generated QR code as an image file directly on their device by tapping the ‘Download’ button below the code matrix. This allows the merchant to store the QR code securely in the phone gallery for convenient access and sharing.
  2. Share QR Code – Alternatively, the business owner can choose to instantly share the QR code image with customers by selecting the ‘Share’ button instead of downloading. This enables swiftly sending the business GPay QR code to clients via messaging apps, email, social media, etc.

The downloaded or shared QR code gives customers a quick and reliable cashless mode to scan and make payments directly into the business account without the business needing to share sensitive account details.

Security Tips You Should Follow

When using QR codes, you have to be careful, as some of your personal information can be misused if it gets into the wrong hands. Here are a few security tips you should always keep in mind:

  1. Refrain from disclosing your Google Pay PIN or OTP to ensure account safety.
  2. Only scan QR codes from authentic sources, looking for the verified symbol. Avoid random codes to stop scams.
  3. Make your Google Pay password unique and strong for enhanced security.
  4. Be vigilant about fake UPI apps or portals mimicking Google Pay interfaces.
  5. Report unapproved scans of your QR code or transactions to Google support for timely resolution.

Implementing prudent security practices greatly assists in building robust protection while transacting via Google Pay QR codes, averting cybercrimes.

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Getting a QR code in Google Pay only takes a few simple steps. You can also easily share the GPay QR code using WhatsApp. It enables fast cashless transactions without sharing your account details, enhancing privacy and convenience. We hope this article helped you in getting your QR Code in Google pay.

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