Venmo has become a popular way to send money, make purchases, and split expenses with friends. With its seamless integration across mobile and web platforms, Venmo offers a convenient option for peer-to-peer transactions. 

However, you may need to access records of your Venmo activity for financial planning, tax purposes, or to have proof of payment. So, how do you get Venmo statements? This guide will walk through the key things you need to know. 

Understanding Venmo Statements 


A Venmo statement summarises your transaction history over a specified period. It displays details on money sent, received, purchased, and more. 

Statements differ from the basic transaction history view in the Venmo app in that they cover a more extended date range. Venmo statements also clearly separate key details like the date, description, amount, and type of each transaction. 

You have a few options in terms of how to access Venmo statements: 

  • Via the Venmo mobile app 
  • Through the Venmo website 
  • Configuring emailed statement reminders 

Keep reading to learn how to leverage these options. 

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Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Venmo Statements 

Accessing Statements via Venmo App 

If you prefer managing finances through your smartphone, accessing Venmo statements is straightforward from the mobile app: 

STEP 1: Log into your Venmo account by launching the app and entering your login credentials or biometrics. 

Venmo-login STEP 1

STEP 2: Tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner, then navigate to “Settings.”


STEP 3: Under “Settings,” select “Statements” to view transaction history summaries. From there, you can scroll through available statements, filter by date ranges, and tap any statement period to see the full details. 


Additional details: 

  • You will see a chronological list of available statements organised by month, year, or custom periods. Tap any statement to view the complete transaction details within that period.
  • Statements display the date, description, amount, and type (sent, received, etc) for each Venmo transaction. 
  • You can scroll through the entire statement and tap individual entries to see supplemental info like images, messages, etc. 
  • Any opened statement can be shared as a PDF file via messaging apps or email to send copies to an accountant, tax preparer, or others. 

Accessing Statements via Venmo Website 

Alternatively, you can conveniently download Venmo statements from the web browser interface: 

STEP 1: Go to and sign into your account 


STEP 2: Click on “Statements” in the left sidebar menu 


STEP 3: Use the date selector to customise the statement period 

STEP 4: Click “Download” to save the CSV, PDF, or Excel file 


This downloads a comprehensive statement you can reference offline or integrate with other financial software. 

Additional details: 

  • You can filter statement transactions by type, amount, date ranges, keywords, and more to find exactly what you need. 
  • The downloaded Venmo statement files can be stored locally, shared via email, synced to financial apps, printed for physical records, and more. 
  • Regularly downloading Venmo statements through the website interface provides transaction transparency and oversight. 

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Tips for Managing Venmo Statements 

Here are some tips for making the most of Venmo statements: 

  • Review statements regularly – Don’t just look at statements at tax time. Frequent reviews help you catch unauthorised charges. 
  • Download and save statements – Keep digital or printed copies for accurate records.
  • Compare statements to bank accounts – Cross-referencing helps identify missing transactions or transfers. 
  • Track business transactions separately – Use a separate account for income and business transactions. 

Leveraging these best practices ensures you have the documentation and oversight needed for ongoing financial management. 

Troubleshooting Issues 

In some cases, you may encounter issues accessing Venmo statements:

  • App or website errors prevent generating statements 
  • Needed statements don’t appear 
  • Downloads fail or show up blank 

First, ensure the app and website are updated to the latest versions. Outages could temporarily impact statement availability. Trying again later often resolves access problems. For persistent issues, contact Venmo customer support through email or phone. The support team can also expedite specific statements if you need records urgently. 


With Venmo’s rising popularity for convenient mobile payments, it’s important to know how to access transaction records through statements. 

Statements provide standard formats, longer time frames, and downloadable files with all your Venmo payments in one place. Whether for taxes, budgeting, or personal finance management, regular Venmo statement review gives visibility and control. 

Following this guide, you now understand the options for getting Venmo statements across app, desktop, and email platforms. So dive into those statements and maximise how Venmo can serve your financial needs.

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