Amazon Pay Later is a hassle-free way to get instant credit on Amazon India’s website. It allows you to make purchases on Amazon now and pay for them later in easy monthly EMIs or a one-time payment next month. There are a lot of key benefits, like instant credit.  You get a credit approval in less than 2 minutes without providing any credit card details.

In addition, no fees and complete transparency. The purchase limit can range from ₹0 to ₹60,000 based on eligibility and credit assigned. The minimum eligibility criteria include age 23 years and above, verified Amazon account, supported bank account, and identity and address proof, but let’s take a look at some of the ways on how to increase Amazon Pay Later limit.

How Your Amazon Pay Later Limit is Decided?

How To Increase Amazon Pay Later Limit Steps

According to Amazon, the credit limit assigned depends on:

  1. Credit history: Repayment track record and credit score.
  2. Income level: Total earnings per month/year.
  3. Spending habits: Pattern of credit usage.
  4. Other information: Available with Amazon and credit bureaus.

The final limit is also determined based on eligibility checks done by Amazon’s lending partners like Axio and IDFC FIRST Bank. To get an increase, you need to build a responsible credit profile.

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How to Increase Amazon Pay Later Limit ( Working Tips & Methods)

Here are some practical tips to help improve your credit limit:

Method 1. Build a Good Credit History

  • Make all bill payments on time – Being consistent shows you are a reliable borrower.
  • Keep credit utilization low – Using less than 30% of the total limit available indicates you don’t over-depend on credit.
  • Limit new credit card applications – Too many in a short duration signifies credit hunger.

Method 2. Actively Engage with Amazon

  • Shop frequently as a customer – High order value and frequency establish you as a trusted buyer.
  • Provide updated KYC documents promptly – Gives visibility into income status to determine the eligible limit.
  • Participate in feedback surveys – Helps Amazon understand pain points and improve services.
How To Increase Amazon Pay Later Limit Guide

Method 3. Monitor Credit Score Diligently

  • Check credit report and score often – Know where you stand and what factors impact it.
  • Review personal details with credit bureaus – Incorrect info can lead to application rejections.
  • Fix errors in a credit report – Even minor issues can negatively impact the credit score.

Method 4. Contact Customer Service

  • Call the toll-free helpline for increase-related queries – Understand eligibility criteria better.
  • Submit documents if asked for review – Helps verify income claims faster.
  • Follow-up if the request gets rejected – Different agents may have the flexibility to reconsider.
How to Close Amazon Pay Later Account Method

Method 5. Change Credit Behavior

  • Reduce card outstanding before the next cycle date – Maintains low utilization month-on-month.
  • Foreclose expensive loans if possible – Shows ability to manage debt responsibly.
  • Avoid new credit applications for 6 months – Prevents excessive hard checks on a credit report.

The key is to demonstrate responsible credit management over time. This builds credibility with Amazon and lending partners to approve higher limits.

Benefits of Higher Amazon Pay Later Limit

Here are some advantages of having a higher Amazon Pay Later limit:

1. Save on Interest Costs

  • A bigger limit allows you to divide purchases into longer-tenure EMIs to reduce interest costs.
CriteriaInterest Rate
Purchases <₹30000% (if paid next month)
Purchases >₹30003-month EMI onwards

2. Financial Flexibility

  • Plan expenses better: A higher limit provides headroom to manage monthly cash flows and plan for large purchases without delay.
  • Manage unexpected spending: Come in handy for medical or family emergencies.

3. Cost Savings

  • Leverage deals: Buy in bulk during sales or limited-period discounts to maximize savings.
  • Pay later, not now: Defer payments for large buys without blowing the monthly budget.

4. Building Credit

  • Establish creditworthiness: Using and repaying higher credit demonstrates financial discipline and responsibility.
  • Access other products: Raise eligibility for loans, cards, and other credit products in the future.

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When to Request Increase and How Much?

The ideal timeframe to request your first increase is after using Amazon Pay Later responsibly for 6-12 months. This demonstrates a healthy credit track record.

Determine how much of an increase to request by carefully evaluating factors like:

  1. Income stability and surplus.
  2. Existing debt obligations.
  3. Large planned purchases on Amazon.
  4. Wedding or other expenses coming up.

Be reasonable in your request. Avoid asking for a drastic hike early on. Start small, prove creditworthiness over 12-18 months, and then request larger increments.

Also, limit increase requests to once or a maximum of twice a year. Too many requests in a short span lead to many hard credit checks, which can negatively impact your credit score.

Other Ways to Get More Credit

Apart from Amazon Pay Later, some other options to expand your access to credit include:

  • Avail limited period offers: Many payment tools offer credit limits on sign-up to acquire new customers. For example, you can get a free ₹500-2000 credit with the [Simpl](https://gets card or up to ₹20,000 free credit line with apps like LazyPay and Cashe.
  • Apply for a new credit card: Based on factors like income, credit score, existing card limits, and bank relationship – you may be eligible for popular cards like Flipkart Axis Bank, HDFC Millenia, or ICICI Amazon that offer higher credit limits compared to your current card.
  • Consider a personal loan: If you need a large credit amount for a longer duration – an unsecured loan from Bajaj FinServ, HDFC Bank, etc, can offer ₹50,000 to ₹25 lakhs repayable over 1-5 years. Prepayment flexibility allows you to save on interest.
How To Increase Amazon Pay Later Limit Method


Amazon Pay Later makes online shopping more convenient. Increasing your Amazon Pay Later limit will result in a lot of benefits. Simply use the tips in this article to increase your limit quickly. In addition, manage your finances diligently to leverage the benefits of credit. If you need more content like this, then stay tuned with us!

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