Google Pay, or GPay, has become one of the most popular online payment apps in India. It allows fast and convenient transactions directly from your bank account using UPI. However, GPay also has certain preset daily limits that may impact user payments.

This detailed guide will give you an idea about what these default GPay limits are. In addition, it will cover how bank limits work and how to increase your transaction limit, if required, for a smooth experience.

What Is GPay Daily Transaction Limit?

How To Increase Google Pay Limit Guide

Google Pay comes with preset limits on the maximum transactions allowed per day for security and risk management. These limits are:

1. Default Limit

  • Rs. 1 lakh transfer limit per day – You can only send a maximum of Rs 1 lakh in 24 hours through GPay. This applies to both individual transactions and the overall day’s limit.
  • 10 transactions per day cap – GPay restricts users to 10 transactions daily. Trying to send money more than 10 times will fail.

These built-in limits help prevent misuse of the platform. But exceeding them can cause your payments to get stuck or fail.

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2. Low Value Limit

For additional security, Google Pay provides an option to set a customized daily limit of Rs. 2000 or less. This safeguards against frauds involving small amounts below Rs. 2000.

What Is Bank Transaction Limits on Google Pay?

Apart from the default GPay limits, banks also impose their own transaction caps for payments done via Google Pay as per UPI and internal guidelines:

1. Varies Across Banks

  • Each bank stipulates different per-day transaction limits specifically for payments done on GPay.
  • These limits are based on UPI rules set by NPCI and the bank’s internal policies, risk management, and caps for UPI apps.

2. Checking Your Bank’s Limit

  • You can check your bank’s specific daily transaction limit imposed on Google Pay payments in the box below.
  • The cap may differ for sending or receiving amounts via GPay. The sending limit is usually lower.
  • Your bank customer care or branch can provide the exact GPay limit applicable if not publicly listed.
Name Of The BankTransaction LimitDaily Limit
ICICI Bank10,00010,000
Axis Bank1,00,0001,00,000
Kotak Mahindra Bank1,00,0001,00,000
IndusInd Bank1,00,0001,00,000
Yes Bank1,00,0001,00,000
IDFC First Bank1,00,0001,00,000
RBL Bank50,0001,00,000
Federal Bank1,00,0001,00,000
DBS Bank India1,00,0001,00,000
Bank of Baroda25,000Not Set
Canara Bank1,00,0001,00,000
IDBI Bank25,00050,000
Karur Vysya Bank1,00,0001,00,000
Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank1,00,0001,00,000
Karnataka Bank1,00,0002,00,000
The Saraswat Co-operative Bank1,00,0001,00,000
Dhanlaxmi Bank1,00,0001,00,000

How To Increase Gpay Limit Using Bank?

You can submit a formal request to your bank to raise the per-day Google Pay transaction limit. The process may vary for each bank. Some common steps are:

  1. Fill out an application form for enhancing your GPay daily limit.
  2. Provide required documents like ID proof, address proof, etc.
  3. Banks may ask for income documents, account statements etc.
  4. If eligible, the bank will increase your daily cap within a few days.

Meet criteria set by your bank, like account age, KYC, good credit score, etc., to get approval for a higher pay limit.

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How To Exceed GPay Daily Limit?

If you frequently exceed the preset GPay daily limit, here are some options to manage payments:

  1. Use your debit card instead of UPI payments on GPay to avoid limits.
  2. Try paying via other UPI apps like PhonePe, WhatsApp, Paytm, etc.
  3. Pay by cash, if possible, for select transactions.
  4. Closely track daily payments on GPay to avoid hitting the limit.
  5. Temporarily transfer funds between your linked accounts.
  6. The daily limit resets at 12 a.m. midnight, so payments resume normally the next day.

Increasing GPay Limit for Businesses

How To Increase Google Pay Limit Methods

If you’re wondering how to increase your GPay limit for business, here’s a breakdown!

1. Merchant Transactions Have No Limits

There are no preset transaction limits for payments made by customers to merchants via Google Pay. Customers can pay any amount required seamlessly.

2. Payment Gateways Enable Large Transactions

Businesses can easily accept large UPI payments from customers using payment gateways like Cashfree, Paytm, Razorpay, etc. This helps bypass any individual caps.

With UPI gaining popularity, integrating GPay as a payment option can significantly improve checkout conversion for businesses.


We hope you have now got insight on how you can increase your GPay limit with this guide. While the default limits on GPay help prevent misuse, you can get your bank to increase the cap if needed for convenience. Businesses also have flexibility in accepting payments via GPay.

Knowing the daily transaction limits and how to raise them will ensure a smooth experience. You can keep in touch with us for more amazing content like this. Feel free to drop your doubts in the comments section! 

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