Looking for a way to record WhatsApp calls? We have got you covered! WhatsApp calls have become vital conversations about critical work and life matters. But WhatsApp lacks built-in recording capabilities. You need reliable WhatsApp recorder software or hardware to save these essential talks.

We researched the top techniques to record WhatsApp voice and video calls on iPhone and Android. Here are the best methods plus steps to quickly capture your important WhatsApp discussions, but before diving into it, let’s take a look at some crucial information you need to know.

Why Record WhatsApp Calls?

WhatsApp’s voice and video calls facilitate convenient remote conversations across vast distances. There are many reasons why recording these calls proves useful:

  • Journalists noting quotes from WhatsApp interviews
  • Businesses preserving records of project discussions
  • Researchers gathering consultations with remote experts
  • Friends or family saving meaningful conversations for posterity
why record calls on whatsapp

Before you record any WhatsApp call:

  • Research your local laws
  • Inform all participants that you intend to record
  • Only share recordings with consent

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Basic Setup for Recording WhatsApp Calls

To record good-quality WhatsApp call audio, you’ll need the following:

  • A smartphone with WhatsApp
  • A recording app or hardware
  • Adequate phone/SD card storage
  • A quiet environment

How To Record WhatsApp Calls (Android)

Many Android devices have built-in voice recorder apps. While useful in a pinch, quality is not always ideal. Dedicated recording apps like Cube Call Recorder perform better. Follow these steps:


Head to the Google Play store and search for ‘Record WhatsApp Calls’


By following the instructions, give the app permission to access calls, contacts, storage, microphone, and others

android step 2


Place your WhatsApp call; the app will automatically record both sides.

android whatsapp


Access recordings within Cube Call Recorder

If issues arise, check you enabled the necessary app permissions and that your Android OS is up-to-date.

How To Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone

Apple prevents third-party apps from accessing call and microphone functions simultaneously. But the iPhone’s built-in screen recording works:


Open Settings on your phone

iphone 1


Proceed to the Control Center and tap on Customise

iphone 2


Click the ‘Plus’ icon next to ‘Screen recording.’

iphone 3


Start your WhatsApp call and swipe down from the top right to launch Control Center


Select the Screen Recording icon to capture footage and audio

iphone 4


End recording when finished via Control Center

While easy to operate, the microphone may not pick up both callers clearly. Using an external recorder leads to better audio quality.

Using External Devices for Recording

While built-in smartphone apps can record WhatsApp calls, audio quality is often lacking. Dedicated recording devices produce far superior results.

You can use external digital recorders, laptops equipped with mics, or even a secondary smartphone to capture both sides of a WhatsApp call in high fidelity.

To set this up:

  • Place your primary phone on speakerphone mode
  • Position an external mic device nearby
  • Ensure your second device has an active recording function enabled, like the Voice Memos app on an iPhone or the Windows Voice Recorder on a laptop
  • Begin your WhatsApp call
  • Let your second device capture the conversation through its mic
  • End call and stop external recording when finished

This dual-device technique traps rich audio of both callers, eliminating the muffling or dropouts that often plague apps trying to use the same phone’s mic for both call and recording duties simultaneously.

Aim to conduct these recordings in a quiet space without background noises for best quality. Some hardware recorders even have noise-cancellation abilities.

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For extra convenience, you can use a digital voice recorder designed specifically for phone call capture, like the Olympus TP-8 or the RecorderGear PR200. Simply connect them to your phone’s headphone jack or lightning port. Hit record as your WhatsApp call connects. They will document both sides of the call cleanly.

Sync recordings to your computer via USB for easy playback and distribution later. With the proper equipment, recording clear WhatsApp calls is straightforward.

Ethical Considerations and Privacy

enhancing the security

Always respect privacy when recording calls. Inform participants beforehand and only share recordings with consent. In certain regions, you may also need all parties to explicitly agree to have the call recorded before proceeding. Failure to do so can violate wiretapping laws.

Recordings potentially contain sensitive information. Enable phone security features like encryption to keep your data safe.


Recording meaningful WhatsApp discussions is now easy with the help of the right tools. Recording calls can be helpful in various sorts of situations, including documenting memorable conversations, pursuing professional objectives, or protecting your child’s online safety. Seek permission, use reliable software, and safeguard your sensitive recording.

There are simple ways to restore important WhatsApp calls on both major mobile operating systems. Taking hold of these conversations can give valuable records, but it must be done legally and ethically. Need more guidance? Stay tuned with us! 

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