WhatsApp has become a popular means of sending wedding invitations in the modern world. Digital invitations, however, need a certain amount of etiquette and finesse in response. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to politely and formally respond to wedding invitations received through WhatsApp.

You’ll learn everything from initial considerations before replying, how to word attendance confirmations, what to do with multi-event invites and best practices for digital invitation etiquette. Here we go!

Understanding Wedding Invitations and Initial Considerations Before Responding


Sending invitations to individuals or groups is easy using WhatsApp, which supports text, images, and PDF files. Managing digital wedding invitations at scale is made easier with instant notifications and read receipts.

In particular, WhatsApp invites are extremely popular for Indian weddings because of the extensive guest list. Hosts can customise invitations with all the details of the ceremony and track the response.

When replying to a WhatsApp wedding invitation, be sure to:

  • Ensure all details are correct – date, time, venue, dress code, names and contacts for RSVPs.
  • Take note if there are multiple events to attend, such as a sangeet or reception.
  • Make note of the RSVP deadline in the invitation.

These specifics will shape your response.

How to Respond to a Wedding Invitation (Step-by-Step Guide)


Acknowledging Receipt of the Invitation

First, express gratitude for being invited and explicitly mention the invitation details for clarity:

  • Thank you for the kind invitation to attend Raj and Priya’s wedding celebrations on 16th December at Leela Palace, New Delhi.
  • We are honoured to receive the invitation for the weddings of your beloved daughters Rhea and Chirag on 22nd February 2023 in Udaipur.

You can also add good wishes for the couple if you know them well. This sets a polite and warm tone.

Additional examples:

  • I’m grateful for the lovely invitation to attend my dear niece Aditi’s wedding celebrations with Vihaan on 19th January in Hyderabad. Please convey my blessing to the couple for their special day.
  • We are delighted to receive the invitation for Suresh and Madhu’s 25th wedding anniversary celebrations on 10th May in Mumbai. I wish them continued years of togetherness ahead.

Adding a personal touch where possible makes your response more meaningful.

Confirming Your Attendance

If attending, clearly state so and include any additional guest names the invite accommodates:

  • Yes, we gladly confirm attendance at the wedding celebrations on January 30th. I will be coming with my wife, Veena. Thank you!
  • I am delighted to join Radhika and Neil’s wedding celebrations on February 15th in Kohima with my partner Rahim.

If invited as a family, specify the attendees:

  • Rajiv and I joyfully confirm attendance with our 2 children at Bhavesh and Namita’s wedding celebrations in Mumbai on March 10th. Thank you!
  • I happily confirm my attendance with my parents and younger sister at Priya’s wedding ceremony on May 5th in Chennai.
  • Mohan and I are thrilled to attend the wedding celebrations of our niece Sarika and fiancé Vijay in Hyderabad on August 20th. I confirm we will be coming with our 2 kids as well.

Share your enthusiasm at the chance to celebrate the couple on their special day. Confirming attendance promptly is courteous.

Conveying Regrets if Unable to Attend

If you cannot make it, craft a respectful message:

  • Thank you for inviting us to Priyanka and Rajesh’s wedding. Unfortunately, I am travelling overseas during that period, so I humbly regret that I cannot attend the celebrations on January 3rd. Please convey my best wishes to the lovely couple for their special day and happy life ahead!
  • With a heavy heart, I convey regrets for being unable to make it to my dear cousin Nisha’s wedding functions in Delhi on December 1st due to urgent work commitments. I will surely miss celebrating with her, but I wish the couple a lifetime of happiness ahead!

While unable to attend, express well-wishes for their journey ahead. Follow up later with a gift if close to the couple.

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Special Considerations

Wedding invites may come with additional specifications, so respond accordingly.

Responding to Invitations with RSVP Requests

If asked to RSVP by a specific date, ensure your response is timely. Include all requested details like:

  • Attendee names
  • Choice of meal
  • Attendance at specific events

Craft your message clearly, like:

Example 1: Dear Sanjay and Archana,

Rahim and I confirm attendance at the wedding and reception on March 8th in Chennai. Please record meal preference as vegetarian. We are also delighted to attend the Sangeet and Mehendi ceremonies on March 6th. Thank you for the invitation!

Example 2: Respected Uncle and Aunty,

I am pleased to confirm my attendance at the wedding and reception celebrations on January 20th. Please note my meal preference as non-vegetarian. Unfortunately, I have a prior work commitment, so I cannot attend the Sangeet program on January 18th. I appreciate the invitation and look forward to celebrating on the 20th.

Example 3: Dear Bride and Groom,

We are thrilled to confirm attendance at the February wedding, reception and Sangeet celebrations. There will be 3 guests – myself, my wife, and our daughter. Please record our meal preference as vegetarian. A quick query – could you kindly share timing details for the various events? Thank you!

Providing all necessary specifics makes it easy for hosts.

Handling Invitations to Multiple Events

Handling invitations to multiple events on whatsapp

Indian weddings involve various celebrations – confirm which events you are attending if invited to multiple functions:

Respected Uncle and Aunty,

We are delighted to attend the following events:

  • Sangeet on 28th November
  • Wedding Ceremony on 30th November
  • Reception on 1st December

We regret not being able to attend the Mehendi celebration on the 29th due to a prior commitment. Please convey our warm wishes to Riya and Samar for their wedding celebrations. We are grateful for the invitation!

Example 1: Dear Cousin,

I am honoured to attend the wedding ceremony and reception on September 15th and 16th. Additionally, I am delighted to participate in the pre-wedding festivities – the Sangeet on September 12th and the Mehendi and cocktail event on September 13th. Please convey my well-wishes to the bride and groom!

Example 2: Hello Friends,

We are happy to join the October 3rd and 4th celebrations – including the Sangeet, wedding and reception. Unfortunately, due to a conflicting event, we must miss the Tilak ceremony on September 29th. We wish the couple a wonderful new journey ahead together! Let us know if you need any help with preparations.

Specifying event attendance provides clarity. Include good wishes for the couple as well.

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Etiquette for Responding to Invitations on WhatsApp

RSVPing via WhatsApp is now easy, but there is still some customary etiquette to observe:

  • Timely Response: A timely response is required within 10 working days of the wedding or the requested period. By doing so, hosts can plan efficiently.
  • Appropriate Tone: Ensure you balance WhatsApp’s informality with respectful language appropriate for the occasion.
  • Good judgment in communication: Don’t use long messages, but avoid abrupt, overly casual remarks. Make sure you review before sending.

Even if you cannot attend the wedding, following these digital etiquette guidelines leaves a positive final impression on the couple.


In conclusion, guests must respond thoughtfully and with consideration when a wedding invitation is received via WhatsApp. From checking invites carefully, crafting RSVPs, managing multi-event invites, and being timely and formal as appropriate, we hope this guide provided helpful tips. It’s important to follow these tips to avoid being misconstrued online and to convey respect clearly for the big day, even if it’s digital. Need more guidance? Stay tuned with us!

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