Venmo has become widely popular in recent years as an easy way to transfer money between friends or pay someone back. With over 60 million users, Venmo dominates the peer-to-peer payment space. However, the first step is finding them on the platform before you can pay someone back or request money.

Searching for and locating people on Venmo using their phone numbers can be extremely helpful. Whether you’ve lost touch with an old friend and only have their number, or you meet someone new and want to connect on Venmo, the phone number search function lets you quickly find profiles.

Understanding Venmo’s Search Functionality

Venmo has a search bar allows you to enter phone numbers to find user profiles. This leverages your device’s contacts and searches for matches with registered users.

However, there are some limitations:

  • The person must have registered with the same phone number.
  • They need to have their profile visibility set to public or friends. Private profiles will not show up in searches.
  • You need to have your contacts permissions enabled for Venmo on your device for search to work properly.

So, while very useful, a phone number search is not guaranteed to locate every user due to personal privacy settings.

How To Search for someone on Venmo by phone number

There are two main ways to search for a Venmo user with their phone number – through contact list integration or manual entry.

Contact List Integration

Syncing your contact list is the easiest way to search for users you already know quickly. Follow these steps:

STEP 1: Open Venmo and sign into your account

Venmo-login STEP 1

STEP 2: Go to the Menu » Settings


STEP 3: Tap “Manage Contacts”

manage contacts

STEP 4: Enable contact linking and syncing permissions

STEP 5: Venmo will automatically search for matches among your existing contacts


STEP 6: You can then search for synced contacts by name or phone number

Manual Search

If you prefer not to sync all contacts, you can manually enter a phone number to search:

STEP 1: Open the Venmo app’s main Search page

STEP 2: Tap inside the search bar and enter the phone number


STEP 3: Make sure to include the country code if needed

STEP 4: Tap the Search button to view matches

STEP 5: Browse results and tap a profile to open it if it’s the correct person

The success of a manual search depends heavily on that user’s privacy settings and whether they’ve registered with that number.

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Alternative Methods to Find Someone on Venmo

If you have trouble locating someone using their phone number, there are a couple of alternative search methods you can try:

Username Search

Attempt searching for their Venmo username instead. This requires you to know the exact unique username they chose.

Tips for searching usernames:

  • Usernames are not case sensitive
  • Try alternate spellings or abbreviations if you’re unsure
  • Search for first or last name only if you can’t recall the complete username

QR Code Scanning

If you meet someone in person, have them open their Venmo profile and tap their QR code to connect with them instantly.

To scan a code:

STEP 1: Open your Venmo app and select “Scan Code”

STEP 2: Use your camera to scan their QR code

QR code

STEP 3: The app will automatically open a payment window with their username populated

STEP 4: Confirm it’s the right person and complete your transaction

QR codes provide immediate in-person connections without needing prior personal details.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

These are a few possible reasons why a person’s profile doesn’t appear when you search for their phone number:

  • A Venmo account may not yet exist for them
  • If their privacy is set to private, searchable information cannot be found
  • There may be an outdated phone number, or it may be registered under a different account
  • The contacts permissions on your device are disabled, preventing you from searching your contacts

When looking for people on Venmo, ensure your app permissions are enabled and encourage your friends to share their Venmo usernames.


Finding users on Venmo by phone number can facilitate convenient money transfers between friends and contacts. However, privacy settings and contact access can limit search capabilities. Alternative search methods like usernames or QR codes can also help locate people, especially for new connections. But the easiest way is to ensure you and your friends keep Venmo profile settings open and usernames readily shared. Overall, responsibly using Venmo’s various search techniques enables effortless peer-to-peer transactions.

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