WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging apps out there, used by over 2 billion people. For many folks, it’s their primary way to chat with friends and family. But some users want to have two different WhatsApp accounts – maybe one for personal stuff and another for business. If you have an Android phone that supports dual SIM cards, you can clone WhatsApp and run two accounts on the same device. Pretty handy.

Here, we will be looking at how you can clone and run two WhatsApp accounts in one phone here today in this article, along with its advantages and requirements. So, let’s get started!

Advantages of Having Two WhatsApp Accounts

Lets take a look at some of the advantages that you might have when you use two WhatsApp accounts in one phone:

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  • Keep your personal and work conversations separate – Don’t mix talking to your colleagues and boss with chatting to your buddies. Keep that work/life balance!
  • Use different numbers for different purposes – Your main number is for everyday stuff with your friends. Your second number is just for that one weird group chat.
  • Manage multiple groups more easily – Trying to keep up with too many groups on one account is a pain. Spread ’em across two accounts to stay organized.

Requirements for Cloning WhatsApp

In order to clone WhatsApp and get two WhatsApp accounts running on your Android, there are two things you need:

  • A phone with dual SIM support – WhatsApp uses your phone number as your ID, so two active SIMs is a must.
  • An Android phone – iPhones don’t let you clone apps like WhatsApp without some crazy workarounds. And we ain’t about that life.

How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone Using 2 Easy Methods!

Now after looking at all the things which are needed, we can now proceed to use two WhatsApp accounts in one phone. Here we will be talking about 2 different methods by which you can easily clone and use two accounts in one phone. So, lets get started!

Method 1: Using Built-In Clone Features on Android Phones

You can easily use clone and use two WhatsApp in one phone using the built-in clone feature. Lots of Android phone makers have cloning features built right in. This makes getting a second WhatsApp super easy if you’ve got dual SIMs. Here’s how it works for some top brands:

  • Xiaomi, Honor, and Oppo – These guys all do it pretty much the same way:
    • Turn on clone apps in Settings.
    • Install regular WhatsApp from the Play Store.
    • Use the clone app menu to clone WhatsApp.
Using Built-In Clone Features on Android Phones to use two whatsapp
  • Vivo phones – A few different steps here:
    • Enable the “Display Clone button” in the App Clone settings.
    • Install WhatsApp
    • Long press the WhatsApp icon and hit that clone button.

As you can see, it’s really straightforward if your phone already has cloning powers. Toggle some settings, install WhatsApp, and duplicate it!

Step 2: Setting Up the Second WhatsApp Account

Once you’ve got two WhatsApp’s ready to use, you just need to set up the second one:

  • Open clone WhatsApp and verify your other phone number
  • Get the confirmation code through SMS or phone call
  • Say yes or no to copying over your contacts/files

That’s it and you are ready to start using them both on your single device.

Method 2: Using Third-Party Apps to Clone WhatsApp

Third-party apps can still get the job done if your Android doesn’t have built-in cloning. One popular option is Parallel Space. It creates a virtual space on your phone to clone and run copies of apps. Here’s how to use it for extra WhatsApp’s:

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Using Third-Party Apps to Clone WhatsApp
  • Install Parallel Space from the Play Store
  • Add WhatsApp to the Parallel Space
  • Follow the steps to set up your second account in the cloned WhatsApp

There’s a free version of Parallel Space with ads, or you can pay to remove them. Another app people recommend is GBWhatsApp, but you have to install it directly as an APK – so kinda risky.

You can use Parallel Space to clone other stuff, too, like social media apps or even productivity and work tools. Anything to keep your personal junk separate from your professional life!

Using Cloned Apps for Other Purposes

While two WhatsApp accounts are the most common use case, cloned apps can be useful for more than just messaging. Other apps that people may want to clone and segregate include:

  • Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Productivity apps like email, calendars, cloud storage
  • Streaming apps like Spotify or Netflix

Cloning these types of apps allows you to separate personal and professional accounts or organize different usage types more cleanly.


With a dual SIM Android phone, cloning WhatsApp and running two accounts on one device is easy. Built-in clone app functionality many brands offer enables this with just a few taps. Third-party solutions like Parallel Space also do the job. Having two WhatsApp accounts on one phone provides great convenience for managing both personal and professional conversations within the same app.

The same technique can also be used for cloning many other types of apps. With a bit of setup, you can organize your digital life by maintaining multiple accounts tailored to specific needs, all on a single device.

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