Are you also wondering what does the X mean on Snapchat? Then you are not alone, as Snapchat is full of symbols and icons that can confuse users. One mysterious icon is the ‘X’ that sometimes appears next to your Chat screen’s names. While Snapchat seems simple on the surface for sharing photos and videos and watching Spotlight content, the array of icons leaves many questions.

In this article, we’ll explain exactly what this ambiguous X means on Snapchat. You’ll learn why it appears by specific names, its meaning, how to remove it, and how to troubleshoot any issues with the icon getting stuck.

What Does the X Mean on Snapchat: Explained

The X icon on Snapchat that appears beside some usernames means that this person has sent you a friend request that is still pending. You have not yet accepted the request to add them to your friend’s list. Tapping on the X icon next to the username gives you a few options:

  • Accept Request – This will add the person to your Snapchat friends and replace the X with the standard camera icon.
  • Report or Block – You can directly report or block the user from this menu.
  • Clear – This removes the pending request from your Chat screen.

So, the grey X doesn’t signify anything bad on Snapchat. It’s just the app’s way of notifying you that a user wants to be added as your friend! Once you accept the request, the X will disappear.

The X Does Not Mean You’re Blocked

The X Does Not Mean You're Blocked

Some Snapchat users who notice an X next to a previously added friend’s name may wonder if they have been blocked or removed. However, the X only appears next to users who have sent you a friend request and are not currently on your friend’s list.

If you see an X beside someone you were previously Snapchat friends with, the most likely scenario is that they removed you as a friend first. Later, they sent you another friend request, now appearing as the pending X icon.

Remember that if someone blocked you on Snapchat, this would also remove you from their friend list instantly. However, if you are blocked, you will not receive a new friend request from that user later. The name would disappear from your list without the X icon ever appearing.

Different Snapchat Icons & Their Meaning:

Different Snapchat Icons & Their Meaning

In addition to the mysterious X, Snapchat uses a variety of coloured icons and symbols to indicate the different types of snaps, chats, and statuses. Here is a quick breakdown of the other icons you may see on your Snapchat Chat screen and what they represent:

  • Red Icons – These indicate snaps or chats without audio. A red arrow means you sent a photo/video snap. A solid red square is an unopened snap you’ve received.
  • Purple Icons – Purple stands for snaps or chats with audio. The purple icons follow the same style as the red but represent Snapchat messages with sound.
  • Blue Icons – Simple blue chat bubbles signify text messages rather than multimedia snaps. This is Snapchat’s version of texting.
  • Filled Icons – Any filled or solid icons, whether red, purple, or blue, mean that a snap or chat has been sent but has not been opened.
  • Outlined Icons – The filled icon becomes outlined or hollow after the recipient has viewed a snap or chat.
  • Squares – These represent unopened items, while outlined squares indicate opened snaps and chats.

How To Get Rid of the X On Snapchat

If your goal is to get rid of the ambiguous X icon on Snapchat, there are a few easy ways to do so:

  • Accept the Friend Request – As mentioned earlier, tap the X icon and hit accept to add the user. This will instantly add them to your friend’s list and change the X to the standard camera icon.
  • Re-Add Them – If the X is next to someone you were previously friends with, they likely removed you before sending another friend request. Tap the X icon and select “Add” to send them another friend request and remove the X.
  • Clear Snapchat Cache – Sometimes, the icons get stuck even after accepting a friend request. Open Snapchat settings and clear the cache to fix any icon issues.
  • Update Snapchat – Keep the app updated to the latest version for the best performance. Outdated versions may show icon glitches.

What If They Removed or Blocked You?

What If They Removed or Blocked You

If you see the grey X next to someone who was previously on your Snapchat friends list, they may have removed you first or possibly even blocked you entirely. To check if someone has blocked you on Snapchat:

  • Tap the X icon next to their name.
  • If the menu options include “Block”, “Report”, or “Remove”, they have likely blocked you.
  • Select “Remove” or “Block” to remove them from your friends list.

Being blocked on Snapchat means the user has prevented you from viewing or contacting their stories. At that point, your only options are to remove or block them back.

Troubleshooting Gray X Issues

If you are still seeing the confusing grey X icon after accepting a friend request or repeatedly removing contacts, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure Snapchat is fully updated to the latest version.
  • Force close and relaunch the Snapchat app if issues persist.
  • Clear the app cache and data before trying a reinstall if needed.
  • Check Snapchat’s server status page to see if an outage is causing problems.

In most cases, the X icon is a visual glitch that can be fixed by fully closing and restarting the app. Clearing stored app data and cache also helps refresh things. For widespread issues, check the status page for any ongoing maintenance or outages before troubleshooting further.


We hope this detailed guide helped you to learn all about the meaning of ‘X’ and its significance on Snapchat. Understanding the various interpretations of the ‘X’ symbol can help you steer the platform effectively by creating the most out of your Snapchat experience. This platform also allows one to interpret the interactions accurately while staying safe and secure. Need more guidance? Stay tuned with us!

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