Chime is a popular financial technology company that provides online banking services through mobile apps and its website. Unlike traditional banks, Chime does not have physical branches but relies on digital channels to serve its customers. However, many users wonder about the legal name and address linked to Chime’s banking operations. This background is still relevant even for a primarily digital entity.

This article will clarify Chime’s legal designation and relationship with partner banks that support its product suite. We’ll also overview headquarters locations and customer support contact information and address frequently asked questions. Let’s get started demystifying Chime’s banking details!

Chime Bank’s Name and Address


While Chime is the brand name consumers know and love for digital banking, the legal designation is Chime Financial, Inc. This company focuses on crafting easy-to-use platforms to transform banking interactions. However, Chime partners with traditional banks for underlying infrastructure:

Chime’s Legal DesignationChime Financial, Inc.
Chime’s OfferingsMobile/web apps, user experiences, digital platforms
Banking PartnersThe Bancorp Bank <br> Stride Bank N.A.
Partner OfferingsFDIC-insured accounts, Transaction processing, Payment networks,  Banking compliance frameworks

These partners allow Chime to focus on consumer-centric design within compliant banking environments. So, while most know the brand as “Chime,” the legal name Chime Financial, Inc. should be referenced for company ownership. However, banking paperwork requires The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank N.A. to reflect specific account holdings.

Getting this terminology right avoids issues depositing funds, transferring money, or connecting accounts. Check account profiles for mentions of the correct banking entity. Chime relies on partnerships with established banking institutions to provide underlying services like:

  • FDIC-insured accounts
  • Transaction processing capabilities
  • Funds storage and custody frameworks
  • Payment and deposit settlement networks

The two banking entities that Chime leverages are:

  • The Bancorp Bank
  • Stride Bank, N.A.


So, in summary, while the brand name Chime appears on the company’s convenient mobile and web apps, the proper legal designation is Chime Financial, Inc. This incorporates the company overseeing the platform’s technology, design, and user experience elements.

For any official paperwork like direct deposits, fund transfers, taxes, or other proceedings – the accurate bank name of either The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A. should be used. This correctly identifies where Chime accounts are held for particular users.

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Chime’s Headquarters and Physical Locations

chimes headquarters

As an innovator in digital banking, Chime does not operate traditional bank branches. However, headquarters and office spaces housing teams and technology infrastructure exist.

  • Chime Headquarters – 101 California Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94111

Additionally, Chime’s banking partners have physical banks across the Midwest and South:

  • The Bancorp Bank – 6100 S Old Village Place Sioux Falls, SD 57108
  • Stride Bank, N.A. – 324 W Broadway Ave Enid, OK 73701

So, while users enjoy mobile banking nationally, Chime’s teams and partners concentrate in key regions.

Banking Partners and Their Roles

Banking Partners and Their Roles

Chime provides exceptional digital banking products by combining easy-to-use mobile apps and websites with partnerships leveraging robust banking infrastructure. The Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank enable vital capabilities like:

  • FDIC-insured accounts
  • Transaction processing
  • Funds custody
  • Payment and deposit settlement

These banks provide the regulated frameworks for Chime to innovate consumer experiences around spending, saving, managing finances, and more.

To determine which bank name to reference for a specific account, users can check for mentions of “The Bancorp Bank” or “Stride Bank, N.A.” when logged into their account. Using the correct banking entity name matters when filling out forms for direct deposit, taxes, transfers, or other needs requiring validation.

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Customer Support and Contact Information

chimes customer support

While Chime strives to make mobile and web banking intuitive, questions or issues can still arise where users need assistance. Chime offers responsive customer experiences through:

  • Phone – 1-844-244-6363
  • Email – [email protected]
  • In-app messaging – Available on iOS and Android apps

Support teams are based primarily in Chime’s San Francisco headquarters but assist users across America. Reaching out to clarify questions or get issues resolved ensures users enjoy seamless banking through Chime.


Does Chime have physical bank locations I can visit?

No, Chime is a digital banking platform without brick-and-mortar branches. However, users can access over 60,000 fee-free ATMs to withdraw when needed.

What is the difference between Chime and a regular bank?

Chime offers mobile banking technology solutions and premium user experiences instead of directly handling banking operations like account and transaction processing. Chime relies on partnerships with neobanks and community banks for underlying infrastructure.

What happens if I input the wrong details for Chime’s banking partners?

Using incorrect bank names or details may lead to rejecting key transactions like direct deposits, check deposits, and account transfers. Verify your account ties to The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank N.A. before submitting related paperwork.


Understanding Chime’s legal designation and relationship with established banking partners provides helpful context for facilitating smooth services. While users can happily rely on Chime’s mobile apps for exceptional experiences, knowing account ties to The Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank N.A. remains key for formal fund transfers, taxes and more.

So, while users can conveniently bank from their phones, the broader relationships and ecosystem powering Chime still matter. Knowing details like precise locations and nuances around Chime’s legal name provides confidence and clarity for those looking to maximise the platform’s advantages.

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