If you are wondering what is ‘use high priority notification’ in WhatsApp, then you are not alone. WhatsApp gives users various options to configure notifications that can be tailored to their preferences. One useful setting is ‘Use high-priority notifications’. But what does enabling this option actually do? High-priority notifications let WhatsApp override your phone’s silent or do-not-disturb mode for specific contacts and groups. 

This ensures you get notified of important messages even when your phone is muted. In this article, we’ll look at how high-priority notifications in WhatsApp work and when it can be beneficial to enable them.

How does the ‘Use high priority notification’ In WhatsApp function?

Best practices for managing high-priority notifications

High-priority notifications give you more control over managing alerts from WhatsApp. These notifications will make your life more productive. Here’s an overview:

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Enabling high-priority notifications

You can enable high-priority notifications for all chats or individual ones:

  • All chats: Open WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications > Toggle ‘Use high priority notifications’ on.
  • Individual chats: Open chat > Tap contact name > Toggle ‘High priority notifications’ on.

What does ‘Use high priority notification’ In WhatsApp do?

When enabled, high-priority notifications allow message previews and quick replies from the notification section itself, which can save you the hassle of opening the app. This feature also overrides the silent/do not disturb mode with sounds and vibrations.

The ‘Use high priority notification’ in WhatsApp can be easily customized for specific important contacts and groups. So you will see their messages pop up in the notification bar even if your phone is in silent or do not disturb mode.

Ideas For Customizing High-priority Notifications

Ideas For Customizing High-priority Notifications

You have several options for customizing high-priority notifications. Customizing your high-priority notifications will help you identify what’s important.

1. Choosing which chats to enable

  • Enable only for your most important contacts and groups.
  • Disable for distracting or spammy conversations.

2. Notification settings

  • Customize notification sounds, vibrations, and lights.
  • Enable/disable pop-up previews as per preference.
  • Show longer or shorter message preview text.

3. Platform differences

  • Android allows greater notification customization.
  • iOS limits high-priority notification controls.

Best practices for managing ‘Use high priority notification’

Here are some tips to minimize disruption from high-priority alerts:

  • Enable judiciously for vital contacts only – avoid widespread use.
  • Disable unnecessary sounds and lights to limit battery drain.
  • Are group chats annoying? Just disable the high-priority notifications for those groups. 
  • Set short preview length or disable message peeking for privacy.
  • You can ‘mute’ to silence non-priority chats when needed.
  • Create a priority contacts list for selective alerting.
  • Schedule ‘do not disturb’ during focus times to avoid disturbance.

If your battery life is impacted significantly due to this feature then you have to charge your phone more often.

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Potential downsides of improperly managed ‘high priority notification’

If there are positive sides of a particular feature then get ready for downsides too! There are some risks if high-priority notifications are not managed well. The potential downsides include:

  • Can be very distracting if enabled haphazardly for too many chats.
  • The constant barrage of notifications is used a lot.
  • Defeats purpose of silencing/priority mode on phone.
  • Message previews on the lock screen raise privacy concerns.
  • Battery drain and data usage may increase substantially.
  • Impacts productivity if priority chats are not selected carefully.
  • Critical alerts could be missed if too many unimportant chats are enabled.
  • You can face battery-draining issues.  

Customizing ‘Use high priority notification’ In WhatsApp for focus

You have multiple options for customizing notifications. We have listed a bunch of them to make it more productive.

What is ‘Use high priority notification’ in WhatsApp

1. Global notification settings

  • Allow notifications for all or only priority conversations.
  • Configure sounds, vibrations, and lights based on importance.
  • Set peek/pop-up previews and snooze durations.
  • Show longer message snippets or no previews.

2. Per-chat notification customization

  • Mute specific chats or disable their priority notifications.
  • Enable for close friends/family and critical workgroups only.
  • Customize vibration patterns, sounds, etc. for key chats.
  • Limit preview length on a per-chat basis as needed.

3. Platform differences

  • Android has more controls like peek style and action buttons.
  • iOS limits customizations to basic notification settings.
  • Third-party apps may extend capabilities on both platforms.

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Use cases for high-priority WhatsApp notifications

High-priority alerts are useful in a lot of situations. It’s making life a little easier. With high-priority WhatsApp notifications, you can quickly reply to texts of important clients and friends. Let’s delve into it!

  1. Getting notified about urgent messages from managers and family.
  2. Staying on top of timely updates from important work channels.
  3. Help to monitor alerts from emergency response services.
  4. Quickly replying to messages from key clients.
  5. Receiving notifications from designated VIP contacts.
  6. Never miss reminders for events, meetings, and tasks.
  7. Staying updated on critical news alerts in your locality.
  8. Identifying priority messages via custom ringtones and vibrations.


If you want to stay on top of all the important conversations then WhatsApp’s high-priority notifications are your best bet! These will keep you posted on all the essential conversations from your work and personal lives. 

Now you don’t have to miss out on important events and meetings. If you’ve any doubts then feel free to drop them in the comment box below. We will keep coming up with more engaging content like this in the future. For that, stay tuned!

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