Venmo is a popular payment app known for its social features. You can easily connect with friends to exchange payments and view transaction histories. Scanning your friends’ QR codes or entering their names and emails allows you to seamlessly link your bank account or debit card with the app. 

There may, however, be times when you need to remove some friends from your account.  The reasons for removing friends from your Venmo friends list are numerous, and I have done this myself a few times. So what happens when you unfriend or block someone on Venmo? Let’s find out!


Does Venmo Notify Users When Removed as a Friend?

In short, no – Venmo does not directly notify users if they have been unfriended or blocked. The platform wants to control users’ connections without causing unwanted social friction. When you remove someone as a friend, Venmo does not send them any alert or notification letting them know you unfriended them.

However, while direct notifications don’t happen, your removed connections can still figure things out if they do some digging. We’ll explain more shortly.

How to Remove a Friend on Venmo

Removing a friend is a straightforward process on both the Venmo mobile app and website:

On the Venmo App:

STEP 1: Open your Venmo app and navigate to the profile of the friend you want to remove

STEP 2: Tap the Friends icon

Venmo app 1

STEP 3: Select Unfriend to remove them from your friend’s list

STEP 4: Confirm your action

On the Venmo Website:

STEP 1: Log into your Venmo account on the website

venmo website 1

STEP 2: Go to the profile page of the friend you want to remove

venmo web 4

STEP 3: Click the three dots Options menu in the top right

venmo web 4

STEP 4: Choose Remove as a Friend

STEP 5: Confirm that you want to remove them

And that’s it! They are now removed from your main friend’s list and social feed.

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What Happens After You Remove Someone on Venmo?

What happens after you remove someone on venmo

After you delete someone as a friend on Venmo, here is what changes:

  • They no longer appear as a friend in your friend’s list
  • You disappear from their friend connections as well
  • Your past and future transactions will no longer show up in each other’s transaction feeds

However, some visibility between you and that user remains:

  • They can still search for and view your Venmo profile
  • Past transaction histories remain intact in your feeds and accounts
  • You can still pay or charge each other if needed

So, while removing them limits social visibility, it doesn’t completely block interactions across Venmo if needed.

Alternatives to Removing Friends From Venmo

Some other alternatives to removing someone as a friend on Venmo still allow for limiting visibility or interactions.

Making Your Venmo Account Private

venmo private 1

Venmo has three different privacy settings you can choose from:

  • Public: Your transactions are shown in the public feed for all Venmo users.
  • Friends Only: Only your added Venmo friends and your transaction partners’ friends can view the activity.
  • Private: No one else except you and your direct transaction partners can see payments.

To make your Venmo private:

STEP 1: Open Venmo and go to your profile

STEP 2: Tap on Settings > Privacy


STEP 3: Choose the “Private” default privacy setting

STEP 4: Select Save Settings

Now, your transactions stay strictly between you and the other party involved.

Hiding Your Venmo Friends List

You can also hide just your friend list from public viewing:

STEP 1: Go to Settings > Privacy > Friends List

STEP 2: Choose either “Friends Only” or “Private”

making friends list private

STEP 3: Friends lists will now be hidden from public Venmo users

This removes the ability for others to browse who you frequently interact with.

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What Will Happen if I Block Someone on Venmo?

What will haappen if I block someone on venmo

If blocking is preferred over removing, here’s what happens:

The other person is completely removed from your friend’s connections and vice versa. Your profiles become wholly hidden from each other in search results.

They will not get notified directly. Past transaction notes are deleted, displaying your name only as “XXX”. They will not be able to tell if you deleted your account versus just blocking them.

They could only find your profile by searching for you using a different Venmo account not associated with the one that was blocked. So blocking provides additional privacy versus just removing someone as a friend.

Common Questions Around Removing Venmo Friends

When removing a Venmo friend, some common questions come up:

Will they know if I remove them?

Maybe. Venmo doesn’t directly tell them, but they can likely figure it out. It becomes evident if they visit your profile and notice you have disappeared from their friend list. They also may wonder why your activities suddenly stopped appearing in their feed if you once had regular transactions.

Can they still view past transaction history?

Yes. Removing a friend does not erase your previous transaction histories that they could access before. Those remain visible in your respective accounts. Only new payments and charges in the future will disappear from view after unfriending.

Can I easily re-add them if I change my mind?

Absolutely. Just navigate to Re-add them as a friend just as quickly as you removed them initially. This can be helpful if removing them is only temporary.


While Venmo doesn’t directly notify them, removing friends limits some social visibility they may notice over time. Be conscious of how an unfriending could be perceived if the person figures it out. Review your privacy settings occasionally, as your comfort level for sharing transaction activities may evolve!

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