PayPal’s Return Shipping on U.S service gave online shoppers the convenience of receiving refunds for their return shipping costs when making eligible purchases. Based on the country, either PayPal would cover the cost of a return shipping label or a refund of up to $30 would be offered for return shipping expenses. By reducing the risks associated with online shopping, this unique policy gave buyers flexibility and encouraged them to use PayPal.

When is PayPal Return Shipping Ending?

A noteworthy announcement regarding PayPal’s Return Shipping program has been delivered in an unexpected way. It was revealed that the program would be discontinued on November 27, 2022, a date that has captured the attention of online shoppers, retailers, and e-commerce platforms.


Since this announcement was made, many have pondered the consequences and explored potential alternatives. PayPal customers who have grown accustomed to PayPal’s return process may now find themselves contemplating how this change will affect their online shopping experience.

According to PayPal, the Return Shipping on Us program will cease on November 27, 2022. From this date on, PayPal will no longer provide return shipping labels or accept refund requests for return shipping.

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Reasons Behind the Decision


While PayPal did not issue an official statement detailing its decision to discontinue the program, several likely factors played a role:

  • The costs associated with refunding return shipping expenses for a sizable number of PayPal transactions were probably unsustainable.
  • PayPal may have also experienced abuse of the system by some users fraudulently requesting refunds.
  • Ultimately, the burden of offering this service became too high. As noted in PayPal’s announcement, some services need to be discontinued to make way for new features and developments.

Alternatives and Solutions for Consumers

With Return Shipping in the U.S gone, shoppers have several options when it comes to handling online return shipping:

  • Review seller policies carefully – many retailers offer free return shipping or other accommodations, regardless of payment method. Always check for details before purchasing.
  • Utilize return shipping marketplaces – services like Happy Returns and Returnly can save money by letting you return items at local drop-off points.
  • Leverage credit card benefits – some cards provide return protections and perks that can help offset shipping expenses.
  • Shop with retailers offering return guarantees – platforms like Zappos and Amazon guarantee free returns, making it easier to buy with confidence.

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Future of Online Shopping and Return Policies

  • The conclusion of PayPal’s return shipping program reflects a broader shift in online shopping returns – companies aim to curb abuse while maintaining positive customer experiences.
  • Return policies will likely continue adapting to balance these competing priorities through methods like expanded delivery and pick-up options or linking returns to loyalty program benefits.
  • Meanwhile, the popularity of “try before you buy” services and innovations like virtual fitting rooms help shoppers evaluate purchases more easily before deciding to return items.

Conclusion: Adapting to the Change

While the era of PayPal’s Return Shipping on Us has ended, online shoppers can adapt by using alternative programs and carefully evaluating retailer policies before each purchase. As returns evolve to be both customer-friendly and cost-effective for companies, staying informed is the best way for buyers to adjust to the new normal.

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