Paytm Postpaid provides a convenient way to buy now and pay for purchases later. The instant revolving credit line allows transactions up to the approved limit without needing to wait for bank transfers or credit card processing. However, like any credit service, it also expects users to repay dues diligently to continue enjoying uninterrupted services. Sometimes, your Paytm Postpaid account can be blocked or simply stop working!

Of late, several Paytm customers have been complaining about their Paytm Postpaid not working and transactions getting declined. There could be a few reasons behind these issues, which we will cover in this article. So, let’s get started!

Why Is Paytm Postpaid Not Working?

Why Is Paytm Postpaid Not Working

There can be a few reasons why you may face problems with Paytm Postpaid transactions failing or the service not working. Some of these are listed below:

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1. Pending KYC Verification

One of the most common reasons for Paytm Postpaid not working is pending KYC verification. Customers must complete a one-time KYC submission through Paytm to activate and use Postpaid services. If you have not completed the KYC process, it could lead to your account being frozen.

Why Is Paytm Postpaid Not Working Reason

2. Overdue Payments

If you have failed to clear your Paytm Postpaid dues like bill payments, EMIs, recharges, etc., it can result in your account being temporarily blocked. Paytm freezes services on charges with overdue amounts as a risk mitigation measure.

3. Violation of RBI Guidelines

Some media reports about a public interest litigation filed in Delhi High Court alleging violation of RBI norms by Paytm Postpaid. The court has sought clarification from relevant authorities. If proven true, this could potentially lead to directives to halt Postpaid services.

4. App or Server Issues

At times, technical issues like Paytm app crashes, server outages, or software glitches could also impair Paytm Postpaid services. Being a digital service, temporary disruptions are not uncommon.

How to Fix Paytm Postpaid Not Working?

If you are facing problems with Paytm Postpaid, here are a few steps to try and restore services:

Method 1: Complete KYC Process

One of the major reasons for Paytm Postpaid to stop working is incomplete KYC verification. To complete your KYC, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Profile and click on the ‘Complete KYC’ option.
How to Unblock Your Paytm Postpaid Account Methods
  • Choose a suitable verification mode – Aadhaar, PAN, Passport, etc.
  • Carefully enter details and upload clear photos as prompted.
  • Submit documents and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Check the status after a few days and follow up if pending.
  • On successful verification, the Postpaid account will activate.
  • Timely KYC completion avoids service disruptions.

Method 2: Clear Overdue Bills and Payments

Check your Passbook for any unpaid dues or bills with Postpaid. Pay off all pending amounts immediately, and your account should no longer face restrictions.

Method 3: Contact Paytm Customer Care

Reach out to Paytm’s customer support through email, chat, or call. Explain your issue clearly and provide your registered mobile number and account details. Follow any troubleshooting guidance offered. Here are some tips and important information you can keep in mind while contacting customer care:

  • Use in-app channels like email, chat, or call for assistance.
  • Clearly explain the Postpaid not working issue and provide account details.
  • Mention registered mobile number, account number, and transaction IDs.
  • Request urgent resolution and cooperate for troubleshooting.
  • Follow any steps suggested by customer care to fix it.
  • Email [email protected] or use the chatbot for quick real-time help.
  • Provide any information like KYC status or pending dues if asked.

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Method 4: Update the App

Your Paytm Postpaid issues may be occurring due to bugs or glitches in an outdated version of the app. Follow these steps to update to the latest version:

  • Check Play Store/App Store for Paytm app updates.
  • See if any updates are available and tap on ‘Update’.
How to Fix Paytm Postpaid Not Working
  • The latest version may fix bugs causing Postpaid issues.
  • Updating apps regularly is good practice.
How to Fix Paytm Postpaid Not Working Issue
  • Try using Postpaid after updating to see if the issue is resolved.
  • New versions address underlying technical problems.
  • Reinstalling the app also sometimes helps.

Method 5: Wait for the Issue Resolution

For problems like technical disruptions or legal matters, you may need to wait patiently for the restoration of services once the issues get resolved.

Why Is Paytm Postpaid Not Working Methods


To summarize, common issues like KYC delays, overdue payments, or technical glitches could hamper Paytm Postpaid services. Completing KYC, clearing pending dues, and contacting customer support can help fix such problems quickly. Ensure responsible usage and timely repayments to continue enjoying uninterrupted Paytm Postpaid benefits.


1) Can we use Paytm Postpaid for online shopping?

Yes, the Paytm Postpaid limit can be used to make payments on online shopping websites and apps that accept Paytm.

2) Is there any sign-up fee for Paytm Postpaid?

No, there are no sign-up or annual fees to avail of Paytm Postpaid services. Only interest charges apply to using the credit facility.

3) What is the maximum credit limit on Paytm Postpaid?

The credit limit can go up to ₹60,000 based on your credit score and usage history on Paytm.

4) How to close a Paytm Postpaid account?

You can close your Paytm Postpaid by going to Profile > Paytm Postpaid and selecting ‘Close account’. Repay any dues before account closure.

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